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Captain Rohana O'Touvelli

Name Rohana Maugerite O'Touvelli

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38
Homeworld Myekong City, Pasque

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Trim and athletic build covered in freckles. Ro has a small tattoo of a Myekong sea dragon band on her left forearm. She typically wears no jewelry, has unpierced ears and has a multitude of small, old, thin scars. When off duty Ro loves to dress in loose, blousey clothing especially in bright or natural colors. She doesn't believe in the little black dress: one because she refuses to wear black and two because it’s utterly boring.


Significant Other N/A
Children Charles 'Charlie' Garret O'Touvelli (deceased)
Father Jonothan O'Touvelli
Mother Rosaline O'Touvelli
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Garret Patterson (exhusband)
Rohana grew up in a commune-based environment with around sixty other families. Everyone there was viewed as extended family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outgoing, spontaneous, mischievous- all of those words are commonly used to refer to Ro by her peers on a regular basis. She can be fiery or tenacious if she gets her dander up, but for the most part the woman is a very casual soul. Ro prefers to relax and often comes off as lax because of it when truly she's simply pausing to regard the scene and give it proper contemplation. She’s learned to exercise a great deal more restraint in almost all areas of her personality, tendencies and life. There’s still slips- especial when it comes to sticking her foot in her mouth.

She prefers basic to fancy, comfortable to frills, quirky to feminine.. She'll over dress to a party and under dress to a bar just for the hell of it if the mood hits her right. O’Touvelli knows that there has to come a time when everything comes falling down and all hell must break loose. Therefore she hosts regular meltdowns to avoid the big ones and makes a party out of the 'scheduled psychiatric vacations' during down time.

Ro is still a bit of a daredevil and loves rising to a challenge, especially physically. She adores adrenaline rushes and pushing herself to reach a goal or jump ahead in a competition. The woman has a bit of a sharp tongue and is quick to reply- which occasionally she comes to regret later.

In the case of her family, Ro is very close to her parents still and looks to them for the occasional guidance. She rarely talks about her son, mostly because she hasn’t truly come to terms with his loss as much as she’s tried to. In lieu of his presence her parrots have become her children. She fawns over them regularly even if they are obnoxious and scheming.
Strengths & Weaknesses Personal Space: The concept has always been alien to Ro having grown up without locks on doors or taboos about proprieties. She has little patience for such artificial boundaries and will simply barge in or touch a hand then apologize later if it offended.

Drinking: In the past Ro had an issue with being a bit too much of a social drinker. She's very cautious not to make an arse of herself. In public. At least so far as drinking is concerned.

Foot in Mouth: There isn't an O'Touvelli alive that doesn't have this flaw and there likely never will be one. They all tend to speak first/think later when angry. Ro speaks her mind a little too much at times.

Tone Deaf: And yes- she loves to sing on long shuttle rides.

Lively: There is very little quiet about Ro. She has the kind of personality that will light up a room then paint it strange colors.

Superstitious: In some ways Ro is very old fashioned. This includes luck, unluck and the occasional omen, totem or sign mixed with a good bit of old wives tales.

Connected: Though her tactics may be utterly uncouth when it comes to captaining a vessel, Ro is very good at working the social angle. She remembers the names, she shakes the hands, she tours the decks and asks questions about family. There is no doubt about whether she'd roll up her sleeves and work alongside the crew if needed, more as to whether she'd know what she was doing if she did it or if it was a 'Ro wing-it' special.

Clumsy: The woman has two left feet. Especially when dancing.

Athletic: When it comes to any kind of fishing, boating, diving, swimming or navigating skill Ro has it in spades. She's also very handy when it comes to starting fires and living off the land without the standard high-tech devices.

Natural Aim: Ro has a wonderful right arm for throwing, a good set of fists and a great eye for shooting. Just don't let her in any knife fights.
Ambitions See everything. Try everything. Learn everything that can be learned. Have fun doing it. Life is too short to be wasted.
Hobbies & Interests Spicy foods, sports, the ocean, bright and often obnoxious colors, tropical or Moroccan settings, trying new tastes and sounds, freehand climbing, swimming, diving, fishing, boating, parasailing, playing cards, painting and watching old movies.
Languages Galactic Common, Arabic, French, Klingon
Notes Ro has two pets, known as Pterodactyl or 'Ptery' (aka Bad bird and Batman) and Camilla the Chicken (aka Cammie Baby and 'the Other White Meat'). Ptery is a rather obnoxious loud Macaw/Lotlhmoq hybrid who tends to chew on furniture, people's fingers and in general can be a rather combative, jealous and neurotic bird.He takes particular offense at anything that makes more noise than he does.

Camilla, on the other hand, is a sweet-tempered cockatoo who tends to flirt and cuddle. She's an average bird with a very limited vocabulary and a tendency to follow Ptery as if he were her fearless leader (despite his occasionally tendency to chew on her). She's never successfully mated though she lays eggs regularly. Not one is properly fertilized.

Personal History Born late in life to a pair of retired Starfleet officers, Rohana grew up on an O class world heavily influenced by Moroccan and Spanish cultures. She was very much a worshipper of the sand and sun. There wasn't a day that the she wasn't communing with the ocean, catching crustaceans, fishing, diving, sailing or simply soaking in the warm rays on powdery pristine beaches. Her childhood was an open book of security and delight, exploration and confidence. Where wars were raging on in other parts of the universe, there wasn't a cloud in the sky on Pasque.

Outgoing and seemingly lacking the self-preservation instincts of most children, Ro was a daredevil much like her father. If she was was told no and warned that she could possibly be hurt by doing whatever she was being warned off of, that was usually exactly what Ro did no matter how many times she ended up on a cot in her mother’s sick ward. Eventually gashes were mended, bones knit and bruises faded. Like a trooper she’d be right back in the thick of trouble again.

Myekong City- though largely consisting of Earth pilgrims- chose not to follow anything resembling standard educational conventions. Technology inside the massive sandstone walls of the city was certainly not the norm, right down to learning tools and medical scanners. The entire city and its sister site Damarus were self-sufficient and contained. Ro was massed into a group of other children of varying ages and taught as the work day went on by elder after elder, sharing knowledge or practical work application through doing rather than learning of. There was a great deal of opinion coloring the information, as well as a great deal simply not learned at that point. By the age of 16 Ro was partaking in an adult’s share of hauling catch.

She joined Starfleet almost completely on a whim based on stories that her parents told of their experiences. In the first few months alone- even with a number of her family's friends looking after her- the girl managed to get herself into no small amount of trouble. Ro was put on probation twice in the first semester alone until she figured out the ultimate rhyme and reason or the muss and fuss of a more polite, more rigid society. Afterwards, she’d gotten a little smarter about how to carry out continuing to push the envelope without massive repercussions.. But that’s a whole other set of stories.

Tenaciously O’Touvelli managed to eek through the academy by the skin of her teeth alone (mostly due to a great deal of rum, a parrot and a rather complicated prank that won her infamy in her graduating class once it was decided that she would still graduate). The parrot stuck, much like the notes on her permanent record.

Her cadet cruise continued to further the party girl image. Pretty, lively, witty, daring: everyone knew who she was and not always for the best reasons. It seemed like she was destined to man a throwaway position in a low rung position on some scowl of a ship until she met her future husband Garret Patterson. He was dashing and glib and polished and very virile apparently as their only son Charlie was engendered rather early on in the relationship.

They were quickly married once word met the ears of the ship’s rather staunchly old-fashioned CO before either one of them could get written up and/or discharged. Excuses were made, stories were concocted and viola! A sudden picture perfect family. There was passion and ambition aplenty between Ro and Gary, but neither was very good at reaching their goals without stepping all over each other in the process. Once Charlie was born the façade of happiness was shattered. As quickly as they were married the two split rather publically (also vocally, maliciously, vindictively, etc.), leaving Ro to take extended leave to care for Charlie back at home on Pasque.

Between a rather jealous bird and a needy, anxious, sickly son, Ro claimed to have lost 4 years of her mind. She wasn’t what you’d call a natural parent in any sense of the word. Being an only child she’d never thought beyond herself far enough to consider what the universe would be like with another needing her so greatly. Admittedly she wasn't the best mother or role model (or anything closely resembling a responsible adult figure in the early stages), but she eventually vowed to give it her best go. She hit rock bottom with a spectacular thud before finally figuring out that her life just wasn’t working, and she had to make some drastic changes or her life and her son’s life would fail to ever be what she had pictured in her mind.

If there was an opposite to Ro it was her little boy. Where she was outgoing, he was nervous and shy. Active, he was sedentary. Loud, he was quiet. Daring, he was sitting on the sidelines, fretting about all of the things that undoubtedly would go horribly wrong. By the time her son was six, Ro had finally found her groove. Neither one of them spent most of their days neurotic or sleepless any longer. She’d managed to find a peaceful middle ground between nutrition, education and moral perception that didn’t make her peers absolutely cringe. Accepting motherhood had softened a lot of obtuse edges in her personality, made her start to think, to plan- then later to hurt in ways that she never knew possible.

Charlie was six when he drowned while swimming with a large group of students during day class, caught up in a riptide that came up off a sudden spring storm and drug out to sea too fast along with many of the other swimmers. Ro’s entire family was there- like most of the colony- manning boats when he was plucked up out of the water. She was crushed, and for a long, inconsolable period peppered with blame from her ex for living on a backwater world and her own damaging crescendo of replaying every mistake she’d made in his short life, her own flaws, her own damage..

Months passed by here she couldn’t claim to have done much of anything beyond living mechanically- just going through the motions of pretending to be alive. She vaguely remembered the noise on the news feeds day in, day out and her the general build in tension in those around her, but it really didn’t take shape until her father took her aside and gave her the lambasting of a lifetime over rolling over and dying. He insisted again and again that something awful was coming and all she was doing was burying her head in the sand and waiting for the waves to overtake her to. Everything she loved, everything she’d built, everything she’d done would mean nothing because it’d cease to exist as soon as she did if she didn’t snap out of it now. That Charlie had killed her and he wasn’t digging her a damn grave, too.

Jonothan achieved the desired effect of lighting a fire under her, but not quite to the degree that he’d wanted. Instead of staying on Pasque and getting on with her life, Ro packed her things and went back to Earth. She put in requests for everything she could. Give me more training. Give me more responsibility. Reassign me. Give me purpose.

She was picked up by Captain Russels of the USS Kodiak who had served under her father and brought back into the fold. He helped shore her up and cement her direction. The Rohana O’Touvelli onboard the Kodiak was nothing like the girl that’d served previously. There was a drive which was never particularly present in the redhead before. She’d been replaced by an introspective woman with a deep-seated sense of responsibility paired with the O’Touvelli curse of running off at the mouth just a bit too much.

Ro softened a bit more over time on the Kodiak, enough her sense of humor eeked back in and she started thinking more about the future again. About her own life. In the midst of this, an offer to man a captain’s chair came down the line, which Ro took as a sign that she was on the right path.
Service Record 2375-2378: USS Triskell - Security Officer
2379-2380: USS Sakura - Security Chief
2381-2387: Starfleet liaison on Pasque
2388-2390: USS Kodiak - Executive Officer
2391: USS Langport, CO