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Lieutenant JG Jack Nash

Name Jack David Nash MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36
Homeworld Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 166 KLBS
Hair Color Hazel
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jack is slim but muscular. He is clean shaven with short brown hair and hazel eyes. He doesnot have any tattoos or skin imperfections. Jack walks with a limp in his right leg.


Significant Other Clare Nash
Children Eloise Nash 13
Father Harvy Nash
Mother Nanette Nash
Brother(s) Ben Nash
Sister(s) Kelly Nash
Other Family Rear Admiral Nathan Jessop Star Fleet Medical

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jack is shy when you first get to meet him. He spends a lot of the time allowing others to talk. His dad seems to think he should have been an Intel officer. He has a good medical skill set and has been told he keeps calm in a crisis.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jack's strengths have always been medical. He enjoys interactions with his patients. And loves to learn new skills.

Jack is scared of cramped conditions and he does not like Jefferies tubes.
Ambitions Jack would like one day to teach at Star Fleet Academy and even command a hospital ship.
Hobbies & Interests Hose Riding, swimming, reading. Spending time with his Family.
Notes Jack 's crushed leg was caused by an anti grav failure, causing major bone fractures.

Personal History Jack was born to Harry and Nanette Nash and is the oldest of three. He has a younger sister Kelly and a brother named Paul. The Nash's were born on earth from a long line of Starfleet Officers.

Jack school years saw him bullied for being lanky and gangly. He often came home with torn clothes and bruises. He never complained to his parents. They would ask but he felt that he could cope. Despite this he managed to get good grades. He went on to high school where the bullying seemed to stop and he started to make friends.

In his last year of school, he met a young girl called Claire they spent all there time together in and out of class. Jack helped Claire with the subjects she seemed to lack understanding.

They both Entered the Academy together one in medical and the other in the Sciences. Again they helped each other through the academy. On their graduation day, Jack proposed to Claire and she accepted. They married a year later and 2 years after that Elouise was born.

Currently Jack has been promoted to the chief medical officer and Claire is juggling her career and being a mum to a thirteen year old girl who wants a baby brother or sister.
Service Record USS Nixon Rank Ensign Field medic, Hospital orderly
USS Bradford, Ensign Medic
Deep space 12 Ensign Gamma shift Leader
USS Jackson Rank Ensign Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Kingdom Rank TBA Chief Medical Officer