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Lieutenant JG Linnea

Name Linnea

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Mousian
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 4'8"
Weight 97 lbs
Hair Color mix of golden and dark browns
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Linnea is a bit shorter than most of the female Mousians. Her torso is one of a human like female is covered with short, soft, light fur that covers her as a mixture of golden, dark stripes with a lighter colored belly on her human like form. The hair near her rounded ears is often grown a bit longer and often hangs in her eyes.

Her hand paws, with their opposable thumbs to grab things along with her paw feet. Have extra phalanges that have grown in comparison to most mousians. It is a mutation that has occurred among many of her clan. That being she has two extra digits on each of her hand paws, and one extra digit on her foot ‘paws’. Linnea keeps her retractable claws trimmed neatly so as not to scratch anything or anyone. She can use them as a weapon if needed.

The extra phalanges gives her the ability to be a bit more dexterous in grasping things, her grip is perhaps not quite as strong as those with a three phalange hand paw as the muscles make up a different structure around her wrist, and ankles.

Her mixture of golden and darker stripes starts near her small muzzle with its gentle dark tinted yet still pinkish nose that wrinkles as if testing the air. The insides of her ears are a mixture as well, but dark rose insides are covered with darker fur on the edges.

A long slender prehensile tail which can lift object up to 10 pounds, for a short length of time. Small light objects, like a PADD or a small hand trowel she can use it to grasp for longer periods of time.

She wears what she finds comfortable or what is required. You will often find Linnea with a cropped tank top, or tee shirt and comfortable pants, shoes or boots if needed. Preferring sandals, or bare paw feet to closed toed shoes/boots.

A utility belt, with many pouches, pockets to carry various items often adorns her waist. She also wears a communicator about the size of a standard cell phone on her wrist. It is connected to whatever computer system it needs to connect to transfer data back and forth to make access easier. It can, if needed and set to do so with a few minor changes work as a universal translator.

Her ensemble includes a non-detachable, non-reflective dark metallic grey tag at the base of her left ear. Like many of her clan is more of a permanent earring it is marked with a symbol, or numbers of a language unknown to her and has been adjusted to serve as a small usb flash storage device. A gift from her captors, hard wired into her system.


Significant Other none
Children none
Father Fredereick
Mother Daisy
Brother(s) Jarvis, James
Sister(s) Jiijii , Jinjer
Other Family Many uncles, aunts, cousins and those that belong with her clan.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mousians have a variety of natural tendencies just as humanoids due and Linnea is no different. She has the tendency to be quiet, and a bit shy in nature until she feels comfortable with those that she is around. She can get overly excited at times and aggressive if and when needed, especially if she feels cornered or threatened. Lack of sleep, or high levels of stress will also activate this tendency. Since she has joined star fleet those agitated aggressive states have been far less then when she had been held captive and served as a courier of data.

Linnea loves knowledge in many forms, and always looking for new ways to learn things, She tends to be scholarly and technical type with some combative edge and training due to necessities of circumstances of her life when held captive and working as a transporter of data.

However, Linnea prefers to seek the peaceful way out of a situation if she can, because inside she is a true coward. At the same time she will also fight to defend and in what she believes in, and her clan (family & crew members).

A studious scholarly air floats about her, it is tinged with a type of hyper recklessness of exuberating, curiosity.

Being professional and works long hours on assignments. When she works too long without sleep she tends to get aggressive.
Strengths & Weaknesses Quick and agile, great physical stamina, high threshold for pain. Occasional bouts of aggression, but only when she has not had enough sleep or stressed about not getting her project done on time.

Shy until she gets to know you. But naturally curious about things and generally happy.
Ambitions Since all of Linnea’s clan and family whereabouts are unknown, as they were taken and separated when she was forced to live a life of servitude with pirates. Her goal has been to learn enough, study enough to find a way back to them, to contact them. She does not know if they live or not.

Eventually she would love to help colonize a new colony
Hobbies & Interests Linnea loves music, all kinds. She is learning to play a guitar but struggles with it. She tends to continue to practice self-defense with, knifes and rapiers. Knowledge, as in books, items… things she can ‘squirrel’ away. A bit of a pack rat.
Languages Mousian (native lang), Terran

Personal History Born on her home world, she grew to work alongside her family and clan in the study of caring for agricultural items. IE: Grains etc. Soon though, she and many of her clan, after one to many seasons of drought and then monsoon. The crops failed to provide enough for their peoples alone much less to share with others. They turned to their space faring cousins to help them establish trade routes and exchanges. Soon though, the clan was separated. When Linnea snuck aboard with her cousins while on an extended trip. They encountered pirates and she was injured, and forced to work dealing with climbing into extremely tight spots on the ship in an attempt to assist with repairs. Unbeknownst to her, her clan and family were also taken and separated to work trades, to mine, as slaves for others. While working with the Pirates, fixing things, transferring data, taking data is more like it.

She moved along one of the tubes in the building she was in and the floor (ceiling) gave away beneath her and she fell twenty feet or more. She broke, two ribs, her right leg and two fingers on her left hand. She also obtained a concussion from the fall. Most of the bones healed properly. Scars can be felt underneath her fur but not seen except as a thin line on one spot on her stomach and a 6 inch jagged scar where when she fell she landed on an outcrop of twisted metal. It missed most of her internal organs but what remained was scarred, internally and out.

She was stranded with a few others on the very same base she ahd been sent into to gather data. Her injuries were said to be far intensive for their doctor to heal and she and a few others of her clan were left. It was here that Linnea first encountered Starfleet. It wasn’t long after her injuries were healed when she found herself tending to the flowers in the arboretum after she wandered into it. The officer who found her curled up among the tall grasses near the pond, put Linnea to work and then eventually suggested she attend Starfleet academy. So Linnea like her long distant cousins of another clan, headed to the Academy and studied hard, her first assignment after graduation was to a Colony where she assisted in desalination of water for crop hydration.
Service Record Clan ship
Pirate ship
Starbase 407
Starfleet Academy
New Hope Colony Ensign,

promoted to Lt. jg and reassigned to the Langport