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Lieutenant Coreas ar’Kylin

Name Coreas ar’Kylin

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Qui'lani
Age 36
Homeworld None, Born on the Kylin Homeship

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 195
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Qui'lani as a race are very close to humans, much like Betazoids and Trill. Physically all Qui'lani have midnight black hair and dark grey skin that make him resistant to many forms of regular radiation. Where most of his species have vibrant violet, orange and red eyes, Coreas' eyes are a rarer electric blue. The startling eye colors give the Qui'lani the ability to see in a broader spectrum of light than humans, but sometimes means that he must wear eye protection when in extremely bright environments. He bears white tattoos across his body, and display's his clan mark around his right eye.


Father Deryn ar'Kylin
Mother Caisha ar'Kylin
Brother(s) Guhyn ar'Kylin
Sister(s) Tona ar'Kylin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Coreas is not and has never been a 'typical' Starfleet officer. His enlistment was mostly a fluke, but he has found that his skills have made him very useful in the more straight laced and regulation strict environments of Starfleet vessels. Many view him as charming if self-serving, though few know about his checkered past. He has built a reputation among the enlisted as someone who can get his hands on anything you need. Some even claim he's better than a Ferengi. Whether you'll get a better deal is questionable.
Strengths & Weaknesses Unlike his family, Coreas showed aptitude as a merchant rather than a warrior. He has garnered contacts all across the Federation and beyond when he was running cargo for his clan.

He is a fair hand to hand combatant and good with a phaser, his skill is not as a warrior. Coreas is a good pilot, fair engineer, has excellent survival skills, and is an excellent gambler.

Few people feel they can trust Coreas because many feel he puts on the face that will best benefit him. Since joining Starfleet though he has never failed in his duties, he just sometimes makes sure that he comes out with the better deal.

There is also still the matter of the bounty put on his head by the Orion Syndicate.
Ambitions Some part of him misses his clan life, though no one knows why he can't or won't return to it. Another part of him wonders if there is a promising future with Starfleet and the Federation. Though his people have limited contact with the United Federation of Planets it wouldn't be unheard of for them to join the Federation. But it would constitute a change for his people that they might not be ready for.

For now he is perhaps looking for a place to fit in, to use his abilities and experience everything that the universe offers.
Hobbies & Interests During his time as a merchant, Coreas learned to play a zither and tin flute which he uses to pass the time on long trips in his cargo shuttle.

Since joining Starfleet, he has become infatuated with human history. Especially the wild west and the world wars that threatened human civilization.

He greatly enjoys the thrill of gambling and the risk, chance, and skill involved.
Languages Qui'lani
Federation Standard
Notes Coreas owns a non-Federation cargo shuttle that he uses for supply runs. It is roughly twice the length of a Danube-class runabout and capable of warp speeds up to Warp 7. It is lightly armed with 3 upgraded pulse phase cannons. It is designed to be operated by a single crew with the computer's assistance.

The shuttle is named A'rian Coisaire in Qui'lani which translates to Sun Walker in Federation Standard.

Personal History Coreas, like all Qui'lani, was born and raised on the Homeship of his clan. The Kylin, his family, has had a proud tradition of producing excellent Bondsmen (warriors), Coreas failed the trials and instead became a merchant. Though merchants were considered just as valuable and essential, this failure created a rift between Coreas and his family. Despite this Coreas found work on one of the clan's many freighters. Initially he took to the life of the merchant. He enjoyed experiencing new cultures and civilizations, seeing new worlds and the wonders that the universe had to offer. That excitement began to fade after a few years and the dull monotony of merchant life began to wear on him. He missed that excitement, the thrill.

During their stops Coreas found himself drawn to the darker and seedier locations of the worlds they visited. Gradually he began accepting more dangerous cargoes and job, not because of the money but mostly for the thrill. Fortunately he found that he had a knack for such endeavors, as well as a knack for not getting caught.

However, his clan did not see his new 'interests' as honorable. For a civilization that values its neutrality, they viewed his trading practices as dishonorable and he was exiled from the clan. He had to start over, finding work on an Orion freighter to earn a living. Working his way up he eventually tired of the Orions and slipped away taking with him a sizeable portion of cargo that earned him enough money to purchase his own small cargo ship. With it he began to ply the more 'exotic' trade routes, making connections and trying to stay one step ahead of the Orion Syndicate.

His luck ran out however, and near the fringes of Federation space the Orions caught up with him. Outgunned and outnumbered with no way to talk his way out, Coreas thought it was going to be the end. But fortune (or misfortune) smiled on him and a pair of Federation patrol ships arrived and chased the lighter armed Orions off.

When the Federation crew boarded his vessel he had to quickly invent a story to explain the 'questionable' cargo he had in his hold and claimed to be an undercover agent working to destabilize the Syndicate's hold on the area. They believed it, and Coreas was transported to the nearest starbase (Starbase 27) where his lie was uncovered. However, the base commander saw the value in Coreas' connections and that he could actually help combat the Syndicates' power in the area. So a deal was struck. Coreas would help Starfleet with their Syndicate problem, and afterwards he would join Starfleet or be prosecuted as a smuggler and sentenced.

He served on Starbase 27, first as an engineer and then as a pilot, but he quickly bored of those assignments which invariably led to his getting into trouble. The base commander eventually decided that operations might be a better fit for him where he could use his skills to procure rarer supplies for the starbase. In addition he continued to provide security forces with information about the Orion Syndicate as a matter of protecting himself from retribution.

As his reputation grew his knowledge and skills led to his transfer to the USS Wolff who's primary mission assignment was to curb piracy and smuggling activities near the Romulan border. During his three years with the Wolff he cultivated and expanded on his network of connections, working to understand the workings and topology of the criminal underworld between the Zeta Gelis Cluster and the Ferengi Alliance. Rather than work immediately off of the information and running the risk of revealing Coreas as an Federation operative, he was reassigned to Starbase 18 to continue his role as procurer and 'trader'.
Service Record Starbase 27
USS Wolff
Starbase 18
USS Langport