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Lieutenant Jeremy Stone

Name Jeremy Wagner Stone

Position Chief Security

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terran
Age 34
Homeworld Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 225
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jeremy is tall and broad shouldered. His frame is the result of genetics, but he works out to keep himself ready to perform his duties as a security officer. His build it more athletic than muscular. Typically he is always seen in uniform or long sleeved shirts and long pants. He is often seen with either a neutral facial expression or one of slight puzzlement. He keeps his hair cut short and in a longer 'fade' preferring to be neat and squared away at all times.


Significant Other Stone Ahndyl Jiala (deceased)
Children Stone Tial - daughter (deceased)
Stone Jorel - son (deceased)
Father Phillip Stone
Mother Cherilyn Stone
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Amanda (Stone) Everage
Other Family Phillip - Nephew
Charles - Nephew
Brianna - Niece
maternal grandparents
in-laws on Bajor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jeremy is quiet, reserved and seems aloof and unfriendly. However, he is mostly puzzled by interpersonal interactions and so remains quiet and by himself to avoid the inevitable looks and comments that he generally gets. He cares very deeply for those in his care and custody, which includes his ship, even if he doesn't quite know the proper way to express it.
To him people are just people and he accepts them as they are.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jeremy is intelligent, even if he doesn't seem like it. Most of the time may not even realize it himself. He is dedicated and loyal and fierce to those who would harm his crew, especially his superiors.
His career has been spent as a security officer and that is the job he wanted and the job he prefers. His training, skills and aptitudes have all been geared toward making him a better security officer.
He tends to analyze things in a cost/benefit ratio while maintaining a Kantian/Nietzchian outlook.
Due to injuries and experiences during captivity, Jeremy has become socially awkward and suffers from disassociative memory disorder. He helps overcome his memory problem through the use of PADD that he believes keeps important information on it. His 'aloofness' is actually him trying to figure out social pleasantries and he has become honest to the point of bluntness.
Ambitions Jeremy has achieved his ambition to become a CSO. Now his ambition is to prove he can do the job well and that he was justified in all the hard work and effort he put into remaining in Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Jeremy used to sing at every opportunity he could get, even inventing a few. He performed primarily classical or operas, favoring Terran, Klingon but never Bolian. He now usually has an opera or libretto on his PADD to study.
He keeps up on trade journals, professional sources and security related news throughout the Fleet/Federation.
Otherwise he tends to 'forget' that he has hobbies if he doesn't participate in them long enough. He will try things (often times trying out something he's done often 'for the first time' again because he forgot about trying it already).
Languages Terran, Federation Standard, Bajoran. A smattering of Klingon and other laungages but only as they relate to that culture's operas and music.

Personal History Jeremy was born in the Pacific Northwest to Phillip, a professor of archaeology and Cherilyn a human resources director for the city of Tualitin. He is the oldest of two children, with one sister Amanda. Sometime, as a child, Jeremy found a love of opera and a talent for singing. His parents became concerned that he would try to turn to music for a career but where happy when he announced he wanted to go into Starfleet.

An athletic child, he participated in several team sports, his size and bulk being an advantage, but never managed to rise to 'star' of the team, preferring instead to remain a team player. During his primary school years, he did find some success performing locally.

After primary school Jeremy applied for Starfleet and broke the news to his parents that he wasn't going to seek sciences or humanities as they thought he might, but pursue a security officer role. It had been a dream of his since a classmate's father, a security officer, gave a presentation for his 3rd grade 'career day'. Jeremy was accepted into a specialized, intensive Security Officer training school that modeled itself strongly on the 'boot camp' style of instruction. It was during this time that Jeremy would meet a fellow cadet, a Bajoran by the name of Ahndyl Jiala.

Jiala came from a orthodox and conservative upbringing and she refused Jeremy's initial advances until she learned that he had feigned 'losing a wager' so he would be 'forced' to sing a 'traditional Bajoran song honoring Peldar Joi'. She was horrified to hear the holiday being celebrated with what was part of a funeral death chant but his singing melted her somewhat. She agreed to a date. Their relationship would last the Academy despite her family's protests that he was not Bajoran. Jeremy offered to convert to the Way of the Prophets if it would get her family to accept him. He met with their sects Vedic to begin initiation in the Bajoran religion, taking a leave of absence from Starfleet. Unfortunately he wasn't able to assimilate the culture fast enough and committed a major faux pas that got him released from initiation and nearly ended his relationship with Jiala. The Vedic, however, had taken a liking to Jeremy.

Despite agreeing that Jeremy's conversion to the Prophets was not genuine, he worked to convince the Ahndyl's to allow Jeremy to marry their daughter, giving Jeremy the betrothal bracelet he gave to his own late wife before the occupation. With the forgiveness of the Vedic assured, Jeremy sought official permission from her father. Under the advice of the Vedic, he relented after securing a promise that Jeremy would wait to marry Jiala until after graduation from the Academy.
Service Record A routine science survey near the DMZ became disastrous as the Federation was unaware the Cardassians had built a secret base on the planet. Cardassian forces overran the away team, killing all but five of them - Jeremy, another security officer and three scientists. Two would die under torture and in captivity while Jeremy, the bajoran scientist he began to refer to as "Ahndyl" and the fellow security officer were able to survive. The would find out after their rescue that they were held for almost five years.

During captivity Jeremy antagonized their captors to keep focus trained on him, hoping to prevent his friends from suffering abuse at the hands of their captors. Near the end of their captivity, Jeremy managed to severely wound one the guards earning him a beating that nearly killed him. "Andyl" bargained for his life in exchange for revealing whatever information she had (and she was determined to make up information) in order to obtain medical attention for Jeremy and keep him alive. While the Cardassians knew that "Ahndyl's" information was old and invaluable, she had no idea. But the Cardassians gave Jeremy basic medical care, using him as a subject on which to test medical experiments.

After their rescue, the three learned that the Federation had allowed them to languish in Cardassian custody at the end of hostilities in order to secure a peace with Cardassia. They were also angered to learn the Federation had spent resources and time helping to rebuild Cardassia Prime while Federation citizens were still held in captivity. Jeremy, however was in an induced coma for months on SB235 while doctors attempted to repair the damage done by torture and experimentation. When he finally came out of the coma he slipped back into it when he was told his wife and children (including his son whom he never had a chance to hold) were killed in a Dominion attack during the war.

Jeremy spent the next three and a half years in both physical and mental therapy. He was able to begin making progress, but the happy, friendly and outgoing man he had been was gone forever. Instead Jeremy struggled to remember trivial details such as the name of the person he had spent hours talking to, what he might have had for lunch just moments before. Many of the doctors associated Jeremy's memory problems with his refusal to discuss or come to terms with the death of his family.

Once it appeared that Jeremy was recovering, a JAG officer brought charges against him and Ahndyl, the only two remaining in Starfleet. They were charged with treason and providing information of material support to an enemy. Jeremy and Ahndyl vigorously fought the charges, but the JAG officer used Ahndyl's admissions of making up information in exchange for medical attention against her. Jeremy stunned the court when he admitted under testimony that he ordered Ahndyl to enact the ploy. Jeremy's attornies quickly proved he was lying to try to spare Ahndyl from the horror of being sent back to captivity, even if it were a Federation prison. Eventually Ahndyl and Jeremy were cleared of the charges, but Jeremy would be convicted of perjury. He was demoted in rank and ordered to remain in psychiatric evaluation.

After another six months, Jeremy applied to the courts to be declared fit to return to duty, despite many in Starfleet who wanted to bounce him out of service. Under testimony his lead psychiatrist, Dr. McFarlan admitted that he didn't think it was a good idea for Jeremy to return to duty but also admitted Jeremy was capable. Jeremy was then reinstated to duty.

He spent six months as a security officer on SB235 and continuing therapy with McFarlan. Eventually an effort to get Jeremy to resign was concocted and Jeremy, by now distrustful of diplomats for their role in disavowing Federation prisoners in Cardassian custody, was sent to be a security officer at the Federation consulate on Ebokia, a planet with a slightly off atmosphere that proved toxic with long term exposure. The native Ebokians were sentient mushroom like people with a highly codified and ritualized society that made it almost impossible not to transgress. A superior displeased with juniors would 'mark' them with displeasure by, for all intents and purposes, vomiting on them. The displeased one was then to wear the vomit until absolved or it naturally wore off. The Federation consulate had discovered and enacted a 'surrogate for displeasure' rule and Jeremy, as a junior officer, was nominated 'surrogate'. Since it was nearly impossible not to displease some faction of the Ebokian government, Jeremy spent his time on Ebokia covered in vomit and made a pariah as his fellow Federation members couldn't stand be around the corrosive stink of the Ebokian 'displeasure'.

During a disastrous transport to AFY from Ebokia in the Steadfast, Stone accepted reassignment to aCSO. During the trip, Stone clashed with the defiant's resident counselor, a pacifist who thought he concept of security and a defiant class ship automatically denoted unresolved violent tendencies. Despite saving her life (and that of the Ebokian ambassador) the counselor still filed a report stating Jeremy was dangerously unstable (even hinting that he tried to kill the Ebokians). Jeremy was ordered back to psychiatric evaluation, which he once again passed.

He returned to the Steadfast but things had gone downhill for him on the ship. The counselor's attempts at ruining his reputation, combined with the departure of the CSO who worked closely with Jeremy left him vulnerable. After another six months, the counselor grieved his actions during an attempted raid on the Steadfast. She claimed that he had attacked her (he tackled her to get her out of line of fire) and that he was still dangerously violent. She also pointed out that Jeremy was unable to tell the difference between a human doctor and what he thought was an EMH.

With the tide turning against him, Jeremy voluntarily went back for evaluation, under the condition that he wouldn't be removed from duty during his evaluation. McFarlan immediately agreed, knowing Jeremy would be more cooperative if given something to do. Jeremy was assigned to a young lieutenant as a 'partner' to keep tabs on him. During this evaluation, Jeremy came into contact with a Marine major who was in a fugue state similar to what Jeremy remembered after his rescue. Jeremy became obsessed with trying to find a way to help the major (possibly overidentifying with him). He finally decided that the Major was fixating on a single point in time and that he was unable to get past that trauma. Jeremy enlisted his 'partner' in a plot to take the Major to the holodeck and have him relive the incident that led to his block. Jeremy guessed that it was the failure to get his team out of a dicey situation that caused the block and set up a program that allowed the Major to do just that.

It was not a 'cure' but it did allow the Major to begin working on issues. Jeremy was once again put into a bind over his actions, but then it was revealed that his 'partner' wasn't a security officer at all but a psychologist who was 'undercover' to evaluate Jeremy's actions/behaviors when he didn't think he was being observed. The psychologist vouched for Jeremy and he was once again pronounced fit for duty.

Jeremy, having come to trust the new psychologist remained in contact with him. However, Jeremy's tenure on Steadfast had to come to an end as his reputation became such that he could no longer function adequately in his job assignment. Jeremy transferred back to SB235 and assigned as security to the mental ward.

After some time there, he transferred with his psychologist to SB600. There Jeremy once again came under suspicion when he showed up at Mulgrew's quarters agitated and bloody. While Mulgrew was trying to calm him down and get him to go to security to find out what happened, security arrived to take him into custody. Several bodies had been found in a corridor and Jeremy was seen on video interacting with the dead men minutes before they were found dead. To complicate matters the video was incomplete and didn't show what actually happened, but Jeremy's insistance on not being able to say what happened, how he got blood on him or why his personal effects were found at the scene was considered to be evasive by the investigators. Jeremy was taken into custody, but Mulgrew, watching the proceedings had an 'aha' moment and was able to finally give Jeremy a diagnosis of disassociative memory disorder. Mulgrew also realized that Jeremy had been self-treating through the use of the PADD, which didn't contain any information but was used as a 'prop' to get him to be able to recall.

That led to Jeremy being able to answer questions which led to a conclusion that he ran into the men when they tried to rob him of some glimmerstones that were to be his last birthday gift from Jiala and her parents were finally able to give to him. The men mistake them for precious stones and tried to rob him. Jeremy resisted and was accosted. A struggle occured in which Jeremy acted in self defense. The indictment against him was declined and he returned to duty.

Now, returning to active duty and making some major gains in therapy, Jeremy felt it was time to move out again. He became aCSO on the Miranda for a year and has served adequately, even if his CSO felt that Jeremy could still improve so didn't rate him as excellent.

Jeremy was then moved to the Discovery as security chief, but it was soon decided that the ship's retrofit was not necessary and the ship remained decommissioned. Jeremy was without a posting and sent back to Earth on 'leave'. Here his friend attempted to talk Jeremy into giving up Starfleet and taking an Earth police job. His friend acted on Jeremy's father's wishes. Jeremy declined, further widening the rift between Jeremy and his father.

Jeremy was assigned as chief of security on the science ship Copernicus. During this time, Mulgrew learned of Starfleet revising the K9 program and was able to get Jeremy into the K9 handling program. While the MWD Jeremy received was trained in protection, contraband detection and search and rescue functions, this particular K9 also rated high on handler empathy and thus was given to Jeremy as a 'therapy dog' in order to help 'humanize' him. That it was a 'therapy dog' was not revealed to Jeremy in order to help him bond.

On the Copernicus, Jeremy came to discover that there were many prejudices in Starfleet regarding dogs and, despite the dog holding rank and position in Starfleet, was considered to be just a tool. When the captain sided with a bridge crew member over the 'distraction' the dog lying at the security station caused, Jeremy contacted his attorney and initiated a lawsuit against Starfleet for discriminatory practices toward Starfleet members - i.e. K9s. As this caused an investigation which widened further into the captain's personal conduct, Jeremy's time on the Copernicus ended. Jeremy was reassigned to a starbase with the hopes that he would drop or 'forget' the lawsuit.

That he refused to give it up, despite his father refusing to allow Jeremy to fund it from his personal bank accounts, Jeremy initiated court action to have conservatorship changed from his father to his attorney and Mulgrew. Another trip home after Jeremy initiated this action led to another argument with Jeremy and his father where Jeremy left his childhood home with no intention of returning as long as his father remained there.

But another opportunity came and Starfleet, despite that some were still trying to remove him from service, sought to reassign him.