Lieutenant Degiron Katarn

Name Degiron Katarn PhD

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El Aurian
Age 200
Homeworld El Aurian Homeworld

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 255 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall for one of his race and slightly bulky. His muscles have definition but they are not overly large. His blue eyes pierce with a raptor-like gaze whenever he looks at someone.


Significant Other None
Children None
Father Somivak Katarn
Mother Eonea Katarn
Brother(s) Younger Brother: Dital Katarn
Sister(s) Older Sister: Iusura Katarn
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hard working, almost driven. What happened to his people and his homeworld haunts him. He is quick to make friends though he never drops a grudge. Holds everyone at arm's length, even friends.

Aesthetically he is an oddity. He collects things from many different cultures whether they fit well or not. This being due to his early life as a refugee. That also extends to food. He isn't afraid to try a new cuisine or almost anything else.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Tenacity, perseverance, quick thinking

Blinding hatred for the Borg. Will go out of his way to bring about the none peaceful annihilation of the Borg whenever possible.

When he is focused he tends to block out all else til the job is done. Hurting any relationship he might have with others.
Ambitions Driven by the destruction of his people's homeworld his goal is to rid the universe of the Borg if possible and to ensure that nothing like it happens again to his people. Through his experiences with the Cardassian war and the Dominion war, he has extended his outlook to the rest of the Federation as well. He will go to any length to ensure the safety and well-being of any of its citizens.
Hobbies & Interests He loves puzzles of the mind. Philosophy, history, science.

However his one true passion outside of all Both instrumental and vocal. He has learned how to play several instruments through his life and his deep bass voice can make a resounding opera or any other music he puts his mind to. That is if he ever let anyone hear him play or sing.
Languages Federation standard,

Personal History Born in 2193 Degiron was the middle child among a family of five. Born on the El-Aurian homeworld. Much to his regret for a time his sister was the eldest. Though his brother did come around some five years later.

Degiron looked at life fearlessly in the eye. He was always out and about climbing trees, delving in creeks when he could get away with it. Hunting through forests, bushes, shrubs, just exploring whatever he could find. In his mind, he was off on daring adventures finding new frontiers.

His favorite times were when his grandfather visited. He would sit and listen for hours as his grandfather told stories of far off places. Of their history and myths. He loved every moment of it and couldn't get enough.

He applied himself in school to the best of his abilities. History, philosophy, science were among his favorite subjects. During his years taking classes, he had thought to himself that a wandering historian and archaeologist would be the field he would like to be in. Though with the lifespan of his race he would be more like a walking repository of living history.

After graduating from school in 2219 with a double doctorate in history and theoretical science, he started in his chosen profession. He collected stories and studied histories from places he traveled to. He did his best to unearth historical artifacts and to keep them safely preserved for future generations. He kept copious notes in journals and books of everything he heard and found.

This lasted for 46 years til everything in his life at that point came crashing down. In a chilling onslaught, that had no warning. A race of cybernetic beings invaded the El-Aurian system laying waste to the planets. The El Aurians to that point had not been a war driven people. However, it would seem they would have to become so in order to survive.

It wasn't til later when he went through the list of survivors that he came to understand the meaning of despair. His family hadn't made it. His mother, father, sister and brother were dead. He locked himself away with his grief. There was nothing he could do to bring them back and he had wished that it was all just some elaborate nightmare. However, he knew that it wasn't.

Degiron went with the small group of survivors as they traveled from planet to planet trying to find a place to settle and call home. However, they had little luck. For 28 years he lived the life of a refugee and vagabond. Not having anywhere to truly call his own or to call home.

In 2293 he was on board the USS Robert Fox on the way to Earth. When suddenly another disaster struck. An energy ribbon that was later named the Nexus caught both the Robert Fox and the USS Lakul in its wake. It destroyed both ships but not before Degiron and a handful of others were rescued by the USS Enterprise-B.

Finally making his way to Earth, Degiron tried to settle down. He had been able to save most of his journals having had them stowed on the ship that had ironically carried him away from their homeworld. He tried to go back to his work with collecting stories and histories. However, something just did not feel right to him.

Looking around Earth he noted that they seemed almost the same way his people did before the Borg had attacked.

The Borg would treat them the same way. They would attack and destroy with no thought for the loss of life of anything in their way. He could not act as though he was unaware. His naivete was gone.

He entered the Academy as a cadet in 2294. He was determined that his new home would not end the same way. The only way he could think of to do so was through the use and creation of advanced technology. He spent his time there mostly focused on engineering. However, he did spend some time with Security learning their techniques as much as he could as well. He gathered all the information he could for his research.

Part of his research led him to the other possible uses of warp technology. He surmised that the encapsulation then quick implosion of a warp field could be used in a military principle as a weapon. Granted no one wanted to lose a starship just to have another possible weapon on hand if needed. He started to refine and try to miniaturize the warp fields and how they could be created. For his purpose, they didn't have to last long. Only a second or two. Then a quick implosion and one would get the destructive power of a photon torpedo on the magnitude times a hundred. In 2297 he presented his findings and research. His idea for weaponry at the time was dismissed. He was counseled that his animosity of the Borg was understandable. It needed to be kept in check.

Still, his ideas applied to more than just weaponry. The refinements he made to warp fields and their structure could be implemented in probes. To allow probes to go further and faster into deep space or wherever they needed to be sent. As such he was awarded the Cochran Medal of Excellence for his work In 2298 he graduated as valedictorian of his class with specializations in astrophysics and temporal sciences. He was posted to the USS Tucumseh, an Excelsior-class as a science officer.

While on board the Tecumseh he continued his research during his off-duty hours. He went from weaponry this time to defenses. In this case shields. The Borg so far had been able to pass through any defensive measures that any other civilization had thrown at it with relative ease. He thought perhaps that if the shield frequencies and structural values were put into a phase from one into another that it would throw off the Borg weapons. He got to try his theory though not against the Borg. The USS Princeton had been sent to study a new forming nebula. It was of a large variety but it was close enough to another star system that it might disrupt the balance of life on the federation colony there.

However, the Tecumseh could not get close enough to the nebula for any concrete readings as the radiation and pulses coming from it were leaking through the shields even at maximum power. Degiron took his idea to the chief of engineering. He was brought to the Captain and he explained his idea again. He was granted permission to implement his idea. He took charge of the array and made the modifications needed. When the shields came back up he entered the multi-phasic variants into the computer. The time of truth was at hand. As they approached the nebula. The ship didn't rock with the pulses coming from the nebula and radiation levels were below acceptable limits. However, the surprise was just coming. With the variances that he imputed and with the shield able to quickly phase to another variance they were able to go deeper into the nebula then any probe. They were able to get concrete readings upon the forming of a new nebula and possibly how to predict the variances that it might take as it aged.

After the mission report was sent to Starfleet. His research was asked for and his nuances in shielding were sent out to all science vessels and any other vessel that might be called upon to research possibly hostile stellar phenomenon. A year later in 2311, he was given the Daystrom Award for his research. He got some good-natured ribbing from the Chief Science Officer saying he better watch out or Degiron would take his job. He found he was enjoying his work in sciences and could almost forget his driving hatred for the Borg...almost.

In 2347 the Tecumseh was ordered to a sector of Federation space bordering Cardassian space. Their objective was to protect Federation assets in the area. Little did they know that it would soon turn into an eight-year long war with the Cardassian empire. By this time Degiron was the asst chief science officer on the Tecumseh. Yet just three years into the war he would be catapulted into the position of Chief Science Officer as the former Chief was killed when the ship was hit in an aft section while he was working there.

In 2356 Degiron applied for a transfer and was posted to the USS Venture, a Galaxy-class starship as it's Chief Science Officer. He enjoyed learning the ins and outs of the ship. It was a new design and he found himself thinking less of the past. He kept the ship running for the next 16 years without much of a fuss. However, in 2372 the Venture was placed in a task force and ordered to proceed with the task force in all haste for Deep Space Nine to defend it from a Klingon attack. The Taskforce arrives to help beat the Klingon armada into a full retreat.

By this time, however, Degiron had heard of a new class of ship that had been commissioned in the fleet. The Prometheus class. The most advanced ship yet in the fleet. He applied for and was accepted to the post of Chief Science Officer of the USS Agrippa, Prometheus-class. The life of the Agrippa was soon to be one of war.

From 2373 to 2375 the Agrippa was in full steam in the Dominion War. After the Dominion war things started to even out. Degiron started to feel restricted in his position on the ship. The Prometheus class was for all intents and purposes a warship. It was not meant nor built for deep science exploration. With a sad heart, he started looking for openings elsewhere for a Chief Science Officer.
Service Record 2294-2298: Starfleet Academy, Graduated Valedictorian

2298-2356: USS Tecumseh, Engineering Officer

2350: Promoted Chief Science Officer, USS Tecumseh.

2356: Posted Chief Science Officer, USS Venture

2356-2372: USS Venture

2372-present: Posted USS Agrippa
Awards Recieved Cochran Medal of Excellence

Daystrom Award