Deck Listing

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Deck One

Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, XO's Office, Briefing Room

Deck Two

Senior Officer Quarters, Upper Torpedo turret, Upper Sensor Array

Deck Three

Officer Quarters, Holodecks 1-2, London Square Shoppes, Recreational Courts, Forward Observation Lounge, Main Briefing Room

Deck Four

Officer Quarters, Ship's Library, Holodecks 3-4, Science Labs, CSO's Office

Deck Five

Officer Quarters, Counselling Suite, Chief Counselor's Office, Crew Quarters

Deck Six

Stellar Cartography, Science Labs, Maintenance, Crew Quarters

Deck Seven

Sickbay, CMO's Office, Medical Labs, Science Labs, Family Quarters, Secondary Shield/SIF/IDF Generators

Deck Eight

Crew Quarters, Transporter Rooms, Conference Rooms

Deck Nine

Primary Computer Core Lvl 1, Conference Rooms, VIP/Guest Quarters, Diplomatic Offices, CDO's Office

Deck Ten

Primary Computer Core Lvl 2 and Access, Operations Center, Maintenance, Crew Quarters

Deck Eleven

Primary Computer Core Lvl 3, Crew Quarters, Torpedo Storage, Main Torpedo Room

Deck Twelve

Crew Quarters, Main Impulse Engines, Bay 11 Lounge Upper Level

Deck Thirteen

Crew Quarters, Bay 11 Lounge Lower Level, Docking Clamps, Shuttlebays 1 & 2 (Upper Level)

Deck Fourteen

Holodecks 5-7, Recreational Facilities, Gymnasium, Natorium, Oxygen Garden, Green Belt and Market, Shuttlebays 1 & 2 (Lower Level)

Deck Fifteen

Docking Port, Environmental Control, Life Support

Deck Sixteen

Transporter Rooms 3, 4 & 5, Observation rooms, Operations Center, Operations Offices

Deck Seventeen

Torpedo Bay 2 Control & Storage, Secured Cargo Bays

Deck Eighteen

Cargo Bays, Cargo Transporters 1-5, Matter Storage Pods, The Bazaar

Deck Nineteen

Crew Quarters, Living Quarters, Tip Top Enlisted Lounge, Daycare, Educational Facilities

Deck Twenty

Crew Quarters, Recreation Facilities, Living Quarters, SX

Deck Twenty-One

Maintenance, Cargo Bays, Marine Barracks, Marine HQ, Marine Training Facilities

Deck Twenty-Two

Primary Shield/SIF/IDF Maintenance and Monitoring, Storage Lockers 1-3

Deck Twenty-Three

Primary Shield/SIF/IDF Generators, Storage Lockers 4-6

Deck Twenty-Four

Engineering Labs 1 & 2, Storage Lockers 7-9, Cargo Transporter 9

Deck Twenty-Five

Engineering Labs 3 & 4, Auxiliary Life Support, Secondary Power System Control Suite

Deck Twenty-Six

Quartermaster's Office, Security, Brig, Armory, Main Deflector, Secondary Computer Core Lvl 1

Deck Twenty-Seven

Deflector Control, Lower Level Torpedo Bay Control, Dorsal Docking Port, Secondary Compuer Core Lvl 2 and Access

Deck Twenty-Eight

Deuterium Fill Ports and Storage, Engineering Support, Parts Storage, Secondary Computer Core Lvl 3

Deck Twenty-Nine

Deuterium Storage, Environmental Control, Viewing Lounges, Cargo Bays, Industrial Replicators

Deck Thirty

Deuterium Injection Assembly. Engineering Support Labs, Emergency Batteries, Waste Management

Deck Thirty-One

Main Engineering Upper Access, Transporter Rooms 6 and 7, Life Support Systems

Deck Thirty-Two

Main Engineering, Chief Engineer's Office, Cargo Bays, Cargo Transporters 6-8

Deck Thirty-Three

Main Engineering Lower Access, Cargo Bays, Torpedo Bay 3 Control & Storage, Tractor Beam Control

Deck Thirty-Four

Maintenance Access, Primary Sensor Control, Antimatter Injection Assembly, Antimatter Storage

Deck Thirty-Five

Torpedo Storage, Rear Torpedo Room, Parts Storage, Cargo Bays, Antimatter Storage

Deck Thirty-Six

Engineering Support, Cargo Bays, Sensor Arrays, Warp Core Ejection Hatch, Secondary Shield/SIF/IDF Generators

Deck Thirty-Seven

Support Craft Elevator, Auxilary Craft Maintenance, Drop bay (Upper Level), Flight Control Office

Deck Thirty-Eight

Drop Bay (Lower Level), Sensor Control, Tractor Control