The Sim

Even from its early days in the field, the USS Langport wasn't your ordinary Excalibur class. A series of unfortunate events over the course of four separate commands tied a certain stigma to the name. Stepping inside the aging vessel- the dated decor, the burn marks, the stains, the odd odors- didn't help to pass over the idea that the ship was, indeed, cursed with bad luck. Rumors began to circulate that this was not a ship to be stationed on. Yet this is the very vessel that you've been assigned to. Welcome to the Langport: I hope you've notified your next of kin.

Despite needing some time to get used to the.. unique atmosphere and the general state of disrepair that our engineers are working around the clock to fix, I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here. Or in the least find it challenging. The Lang is a fighter. So is her crew. We've all been through the rough a few too many times, so really the people and the ship pair up just right. We're all hard luck cases, so we appreciate her- even if she is held together with duct tape.

Our missions run a wide spectrum from relief work to exploration, first contact to engaging in brutal warfare. On this ship we have families, marines, medics and scientists. There's vendors and shop keeps and a lounge called Bay 19 all crammed into this tin can in the semblance of a community. We're all tight here. This is our home. And we aim to keep it.

So whatever road you walked to get here, we're glad you came...

Da Bar

Q: Why are there so few open positions available on the ship in relation to the number of players?

A: The small number of players allows me to make sure that each player gets my personal attention.

Q: Why did you modify the roles of each department in the simm?

A: This is an attempt to encourage each department to mingle. This also, hopefully, will help give some of the more difficult to play departments more to do. So please read the department handbook before choosing a post.

Q: Is there anything else that you want to pass on to the players?

A: I wanted the Langport to be a unique ship. So many other Star Trek simms rely on the same graphics, the same premise. The Federation side of the universe is this sanitized, squeaky clean place where nothing bad happens unless some outside force commits it. Otherwise, everything within their core is fairly safe and bright and has a big name on a map somewhere.

I figured that somewhere were the rim colonies, the corporate worlds, the places where the dregs of society flocked to because they weren't welcomed on polite PC worlds. Maybe war victims or displaced colonists, those out of the way colonies ravaged by pirates: that's where our crew is from. The pirates gone good, the slightly off-key fleet officers, the refugees: that's our crew. This is why the Langport doesn't look or act like other sims. It isn't.