No Quarter

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The USS Langport is sent to relieve the USS Tsuge after they suffered a debilitating attack at the hands of an unknown pirate group running the edge of the Gorn Hegemony. Several colonies in outlying areas have suffered similar fates, but to date no one is claiming responsibility. The weapons reportedly used were unidentifiable, ships cobbled pieces mixed with new, unknown designs. Though still not in peak working order, the crew of the Langport must rise to the occasion or will likely die trying.

Shoreleave One: SB109

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Secondhand Woes

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Taking on the USS Langport was sort of like picking up someone else's laundry on accident. It was vaguely familiar from afar, but quite obviously not what you were expecting when you picked up the bag. The ship is old and patched, stained and smells odd in places. There's blood stains and coolant stains and pitted holes from boarding parties not quite patched.

Oh, and the black market.

When the previous CO died, he left a mess to be cleaned up ranging from him carpet smear still in the ready room to the many smuggling nooks and the dozen or so not quite sanctioned business operating out of the Langport. Coming in as the new guard, they have to figure out exactly what's going on and get it under control.