The Cost

Posted on Sat Sep 3rd, 2016 @ 8:25am by 1st Lieutenant Patrick Smith

Personal Log - 1st Lieutenant Smith. 1 day after the attack.


What do I even say about this? We spent the time right after the attack searching space for survivors from the ship rather uselessly. Nothing but dead bodies floating around that we don't have anywhere to recover them too.

Looked for the emergency beacons from the pilots of the other shuttles. Found just one belonging to one of the 3 fly boys I know ejected hanging on to what could only be described as a lump of person. They fired on bailed crew. The rookie beside me puked, poor kid. Probably scarred for life but I'm going to keep him with me until help arrives.

Took a look over the hanger bay and the condition of the remaining two shuttles when we got back in. The door is being held open by a bulkhead and the atmospheric force-field is barely holding up so I'm going to have to try and jury rig some repairs. Apparently engineering was decimated. As for the shuttles the two of them aren't in great nick. Shuttle 4 took damage to the nacelle and her shields are offline but those should be fixable and since we won't be going to warp anytime soon the nacelle can stay damage. My shuttle took a few hits and blew out a few EPS relays and the sensor grid is virtually gone. Manual firing all the way for her now.

As it stands for armament the microtorpedo stores are blocked off by debris so all we have is what we have loaded which isn't a lot left. 7 photons between two shuttles.

And then theres the pilots. Anders was badly wounded in shuttle 4. Doc doesn't think he will make it. The other two flyboys I have left are a green rookie fresh from flight school two months ago and a guy with little to no combat experience and a hell of a lot of sitting around doing jack shit all day.

Well best be getting back to work. See what of this shitstorm isn't as bad as the rest.

End Log