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That Launching Feeling

Posted on Sun Jul 31st, 2016 @ 1:16am by Captain Rohana O'Touvelli & Lieutenant Commander Brenan Stowe & Lieutenant JG Kelly Henshaw

Mission: No Quarter
Location: USS Langport - Bridge

"It's showtime, kiddo. Are you ready?" O'Touvelli asked the holoframe on her desk, tapping at the nose of the boy pictured therein. She stared at it for a moment, then screwed up her lips and sighed. This little ritual was probably one that would be healthier for her to quit, but she couldn't seem to put Charlie's picture away. It'd become a good luck charm of sorts: a raising of the spirits for the adventure to come. "Absolutely right, boy. Let's go kick some ass."

Taking the last swig of her tea, the captain rounded her desk and strode out onto the bridge, looking- she hoped- like they were all ready for this. Some part of her was expecting a last minute catastrophic fail if the ship managed to lurch forward at all. As hard as Hel had been working, she knew it wouldn't be her fault, just the fickle demons of an old and stubborn ship.

Surprisingly enough, the person sitting at the helm wasn't Vargesson. However the chronometer was right and the window was fleeting, so hell: it was going to happen. The Langport was launching. "Fancy meeting you here, Henshaw. I take it that you're standing in for Vargesson? Are we ready for launch?"

"Yes'm," Kelly replied. "Sudden onset Tholian Stomach Flu, ma'am," She explained. "Not, pretty. Doc says he'll be back on his feet in no time, though."

Kelly Henshaw checked over the read out one last time, then spun her chair to look back at the CO and XO, "All departments are reporting green, Captain."

"Perfect," O'Touvelli sighed as she sank into her seat next to Brennan. She knocked her knuckles into his where they rested on the arm of the chair to get his attention and grinned. "You ready for an adventure, Stowe?"

"Adventure is my middle name, Captain," Stowe said, sitting back in the XOs chair confidently.

"I thought it was Francis," Kelly quipped from the conn.

"Francis..." Ro repeated, stroking her chin for a moment. "Interesting. I've prepared a little speech," Looking back over her shoulder at Howard manning Ops, she smiled mischievously. "And it's not about the XO's middle name. Could you open a shipwide channel?"

"Yes'm," Tobie answered back, nodding back to Ro that it was ready.

"It's not Francis..." Brenan said as Ro stood to talk.

"Inhabitants of the Langport, both crew and companion.." Ro began, speaking to the ceiling as she did out of habit when addressing the ship's computer. "Normally a captain would be addressing only a crew and their family members in preparation of a first launch- a momentous occasion signalling the proving of a new ship, a new crew. Instead I'm addressing the crew of a ship and her community as we leave dock for the first time in preparation of a rather dangerous mission. You've all been contacted regarding it. You've had the chance to leave or request reassignment. As neither has happened, I now assume that you're with us on the long haul, and honestly, that makes you my people now."

"So my people, both in uniform and out, together we're embarking on the first step of what will doubtlessly be our first mission, our first tests as a community, and the proving ground as to whether we can function together or cement division lines. May we all rise to the occasion with dignity, grace and triumph. May luck be with all of us." With that, O'Touvelli nodded to Howard to cut the com, then looked to Kelly at the conn. "Try to take her out without too much cussing, Henshaw. We're setting a precedent here."

"No promises, ma'am," Kelly said, seriously, as she turned back to the conn and prepared to disembark.

"But... just in case you didn't hear," Brenan replied, "It's not Francis. My middle name is Michael," He said.

Kelly giggled, "Yeah, okay Francis. Starbase command, this is Langport Actual. Requesting clearance for disembark."

There was a snicker on the other side of the line, "That bucket actually flies?"

"Suck vacuum, gagh-breath. Are we clear to leave?" Kelly replied, absolutely pleasantly.

There was a grumble, followed by "You're clear, disengage umbilicals."

"Disengaging," She replied, tapping in the commands and waiting for the rhythmic thumps of the massive cables disengaging. They didn't respond right away, but the did finally let lose.

"Yeah... that's normal," Kelly replied, flatly. "Proceeding to safe zone, Captain," she said, following standard procedure of letting the captain declare the heading and speed.

"Set course for the Beta Quadrant, Sector V17, warp nine, lieutenant." Even at warp nine it was going to be nearly two months of travel if they kept up a consistent speed. Hopefully, Ro thought that'd give everyone a chance to iron out the rest of their problems and start to gel as a crew. "Let's start this long haul."

"Course laid in, taking us out," She said tapping in the coordinates, and sliding the throttle forward. In the view screen, space turned white as the ship rocketed forward.

Ro instinctively held her breath for several seconds after the ship accelerated, only to let it out with a small laugh when nothing (obvious) exploded. "So far, so good," she told Brennan, who she was sure had been holding his breath as well.

"Way I figure, we've got sixty days to figure out if that's true or not," He said, smiling tentatively. "And... seriously, though, my middle name is Michael. Just... I just want to make sure that we're clear on that one."

Raising an eyebrow, Ro scowled as if deeply troubled. "Brennan Francis Stowe, don't you shame your own name. It's hurtful. Hurtful to your family, rest their troubled bones. Are you making the coffee run?"

"Get yer own coffee," Brenan huffed, sitting back in his chair. It was going to be a long ride.


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