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bangaged bows

Posted on Wed Dec 7th, 2016 @ 10:03pm by Lieutenant JG Linnea

Mission: No Quarter
Location: Linnea's Quarters

Linnea scampered away from the Comoran and the dirt. Every few feet or so she stopped and scratched at a spot on her body. It felt as if something were under her skin and the end of her tail felt like it burned with an external fire. Linnea popped it into her whiskered mouth for a long moment and then released it so it could trail along the wall as she walked.

The mousian continued on as if nothing were wrong, unbeknowst to the furry creature she was having an allergic reaction to one of the nutrients in the soil that she had touched. Or perhaps to one of the creatures that lived with in it had burrowed its way into her skin. Linnea would not be readily sure about either as the burnt sensation sprinkled its way up her tail to her hindquarters, her back, head, her footpaws, handpaws and ears.

All in all Linnea had never felt as miserable as she had at that moment. To make matters worse, the poor mousians skin started to thicken in various locals and then flake. Her insides felt mushy and she only wanted slushies, the colder the better and even as she slurped one after another it didn’t seem to help. Her insides burned, her outsides burned and her fur grew lackluster and dull.

At the end of her shift she took a stack of PADDS back to her quarters and rather indulged herself in a warm bath of soothing oatmeal and honey. It was a bit sticky and a bit tricky to remove the honey afterwards but it felt soooo good. The water slurried mixture was briefly helpful. Afterwards Linnea spent a long time as she groomed her fur with a special brush. Linnea rubbed extra hard on the scaly, thickened flakey skin areas which relieved the itch but seemed to cause more misfortune to her skin as it dug at it and caused it to leave spots of raw skin.

Linnea whimpered as she tried to remember what her clan mother would tell her to do in such instances and failed. Eventually she curled up in her enclosed hanging hammock and tried to read as much as possible from the PADDa she had brought home with her. As was the mousians nightly custom, as reports were often either found interesting or dull dependent upon whose report Linnea read and when. Linnea found that she had started to scratch again at her back while the tip of her tail she had stuck in a nearby cold slushie. It would be stickier then the oatmeal and honey bath had been but it freed her from the burn that rushed through her system.

Linnea cleaned the end of her tail and wrapped it up with a bandaged and tied it off in a colored bow. The mousian added some anti itch salve she had pilfered from some where and added it ti the worst of the spots that itched. It burned more then it relieved the sensation but the feverish mousian keep applying the salve and added a colored bow at each itched local.

Eventually Linnea called out “Lightz dark” and fell asleep. Feverish blisters continued to break out a she twitched and turned in her sleep. Linnea’s dreams were filled with odd shaped mounds of dirt that chased her even as she tried to scratch at them to make them stop from their devoured meal over and under her skin. The mound moved to and fro over the poor mousians body and she would wake sick as a poor little mousian could ever be and would need to visit Sickbay and receive treatment of the kind she disliked. Linnea filed a report that she would be off duty for a brief while and would keep the Captain Lady updated as she could.

Lieutenant jg Linnea
Chief Science Officer
USS Langport


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