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Strike Team One

Posted on Thu Dec 22nd, 2016 @ 9:36pm by Lieutenant Commander Brenan Stowe & Lieutenant Hel Samedi & Lieutenant Coreas ar’Kylin & Lieutenant JG Linnea & Lieutenant JG Tate Sullivan Ph.D. & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Smith

Mission: No Quarter
Location: Planet side


It had taken Linnea a good bit of time but she finally convinced the rest of the mousians to assist the crew of the Langport. They were huddled up a bit wide eyed as they waited for directions.

"Make yourselves scarce," Brenan said as he sneaked into the backroom of the seedy bar they'd found. "From what we're hearing, a lot of the pirate captains frequent this bar, so if you stay out of sight, you should get what we need," he said, squatting down next to Linnea and resting a hand on her shoulder, "And if you get caught or are trouble, squeak loud. We'll be right there, okay?" He reassured her.

Tate offered a reassuring smile to the Chief Science Officer. She had yet to spend any one-on-one time with the Mousian, but she couldn't help but feel a motherly protectiveness toward her. She seemed physically fragile, but Sullivan also understood appearances could be quite deceiving.

Smith listened to Stowes suggestion of keeping out of sight and decided a more direct approach from one Captain to another might be better. While the others fussed over the Mousian he began scanning the room for a Captain who looked a bit down on the times.

"Yes, Lord Commander." Linnea replied and then wiggled away into the shadows. Before long the various mousians had found their way into some small tight spots and worked their way through systems via vents, ducts, back alleys and rafters of all sorts. They scrambled over each other as they went, whiskers wiggled and sniffed in search of what they looked for.


Coreas moved through the small winding passages of the asteroid, head down and his jacket pulled tight around him. He wasn't sure what to think of the circumstances that had brought him here. He was supposed to be keeping a low profile while Starfleet security finished taking down the slave trading ring that had sprung up in the northern reaches of the quadrant. But here he was, hip deep in the underbelly of civilized society.

He wouldn't lie and say that he didn't miss this lifestyle.

"Head in the front door," Brenan said to Tate and Hel. "Buy drinks, flirt, get people talking to you. Find out what you can, okay?" He said, patting both women on the shoulders. "Same as I said to Linnea, anyone gets too frisky or starts causing trouble, don't worry, we'll be there." He reassured them.

"Drink and flirt, boss?" Hel smirked. She was wearing a simple enough get-up, leather boots, cargo pants ad a khaki tanktop under a leather jacket. "I was going to do that even if you hadn't told me to." she added with a wink, heading towards the bar.

Brenan snickered as the two women headed on their way, then he turned back to Coreas who was just entering the back room, "What took you so long?" He asked, a bit more sharply than intended.

Coreas shrugged, "No one moves fast in a place like this. That's a sure way to attract unwanted attention."

In the meantime, Tate turned to Samedi and asked quietly, "So, should we split up or tagteam? I can see the merit of both options, but I know sometimes working together allows for the most efficient gathering information."

"Let's split up." Hel mused. "Draw less attention, spread our efforts, cover more ground." she added.

Linnea continued on her way through the quiet shadowed areas, various mousians returned periodically and reported "We have found nothing, yet." Then they slipped back into the shadows to search some more.

Tate nodded and set off to find herself a drink. She knew she wasn't an unattractive woman, but she didn't exactly rely on her feminine wiles in most situations and the idea of flirting to get people to open up was counter to every instinct she had as a counselor. Romantic situations were an entirely different matter, but considering she was expected to get information for professional reasons, it was hard for her to imagine going against those instincts.

"Stick close and let's mingle," Brenan said to Coreas. He saw Smith heading toward a Captain that looked like he'd seen better days and let the man go. "Try and figure out what we've got going on here."

As they all went there separate ways into the crowd, Brenan couldn't help but wonder if they were getting in over their heads.


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