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Posted on Thu Dec 29th, 2016 @ 12:20pm by Captain Rohana O'Touvelli & Lieutenant Merideth Tuppence M.D.

Mission: No Quarter
Location: Sickbay

In between all of the muss and fuss going on around ship, O'Touvelli had found herself constantly bouncing from one thing to the next. With most of the senior staff off ship- and a number of the limited pick of junior staff remaining trying to do the jobs left- she'd had little time to herself, much less to touch on the softer subjects that she felt with her heart were things that were needed. One of which was to wolf down a sandwich far too quickly and finally visit sickbay.

She crept in first and listened, observed: made sure that it wasn't full of the alarms and bustle that said the medical staff were elbows deep in a patient and didn't need a meddling CO in their hair. Since it was quiet- and because the nurse that met her in the door seemed touched by the idea- Ro began very quietly and unobtrusively began her rounds.

Careful not to disturb anyone sleeping or touching a hand that didn't reach out to her first, the redhead took a few moments to visit any bed that she could and speak with the patients briefly. Reassuring words when needed, prayers here and there even if she didn't know the god that they were referencing, simply listening the next moment to whatever needed to be said. And many, many reassurances that, yes, they were safe there and the medical staff was doing their absolute best.

Mindful of the doctors, Ro worked her way around the sickbay until came to the dim room private room where Captain April lay still, her body enshrouded in wraps and lines, somehow small and misshapen under the covers, but larger than life at the same time. O'Touvelli hesitated at the door, unsure as to whether she should even step in and risk disturbing the woman. She had to be on so much medication..

Through closed eyes, Captain April frowned. "Yes. I'm awake. Be careful. I have to pretend to be sleeping or my doctor brings sedatives." She said, quietly.

"She is a pretty sharp one," Ro agreed as she stepped in, careful to keep her face neutral as she noted all of the shapes that weren't there under the sheets. "Sorry that I haven't ducked in to see you before, ma'am. I'm Captain O'Touvelli. Ro," the redhead said with a careful grin. "Your crew has some pretty tough cookies on it. Must have gotten that from you."

"I don't know where they all came from, but I'm lucky to have them. Even the ones who didn't make it. You've got some pretty determined ones, yourself." April noted with a shrug. "I'm surprised they found enough of me left to put me together."

Ro nodded somberly. It wasn't a topic that she'd wanted to touch on, but there it was- the elephant in the room. "Medical science has come a long way, but it can't do anything without willpower. A good bit of this is you, lady."

"Willpower came packaged for me." April replied, with a slight laugh. "I'm told the good doctor was hell bent on not losing a single patient."

"Yup. She's sort of amazing like that. Getting her to rest now that most everyone is stable might take a bit though. I think we might need to invoke rum and a crowbar." Allowing herself a slight smile, Ro touched the woman's hand lightly. "Can I do anything for you? Pass on any words to your crew? Kick some teeth in?"

"Yes." April nodded. "You can try and keep their spirits up, while you hunt down the people who did this."

"Done and done," the redhead said, nodding each time. "I've got a team investigating possible bases for the group that attacked you. Several of your own stepped forward to lend a hand. We'll root them out and bring them to justice, and then do our best to bring peace to the crew when it's all over. I'm not having a lot of luck with our klingon escorts, though. They've seemed to have adopted your diplomat as their own, but have little interest in doing more than sitting here as guards. Is there any backstory with the Tsuge that you know of as to why they won't share findings and insist on their own investigations?"

"If I had, I probably wouldn't have lost my ship." April said, with frustration. "They were very tight-lipped with me, and said diplomat was quite insistent that I not challenge them too much. Apparently my attempts at Klingon diplomacy were a little too spirited for the diplomat's taste."

Ro nodded, frowning. She wasn't relishing the idea of angering their escorts, but somebody had to give and if wasn't going to be her. "I think I'm about to be a pain in their asses. See what that turns up if anything. They're going to be returning your diplomat, too. I'll keep you updated, Captain, and I'll let you know when we're heading home."

"I'd love to be a fly on that we all." April noted, with a chuckle. "Still, though. There's something important that I'm forgetting. I think the Klingons have a leak." April added, in a hushed voice. "Our attackers were suspiciously well informed. Don't tip your hand, Captain."

"I'll be careful. Precious cargo and all." Ro stepped back from the woman's side with parting nod. "Rest up, ma'am. I'll be back with an update in a bit and hopefully some good news about closure."

"Closure?" April laughed, shaking her head. "No, Captain. I'm more of a 'please take vengeance for the crew I promised to bring home, but couldn't' kind of girl. You give those souls peace. Closure, I don't need it."


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