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The ghost of Christmas past

Posted on Sat Dec 17th, 2016 @ 5:06am by Lieutenant Merideth Tuppence M.D.

Mission: No Quarter
Location: Doctor Tuppence's office/Intensive care

Tuppence looked at her screen, and the sudden look of sadness and devastation would've put most people at a very discomforted feel.

As of this Stardate, Acting Captain Alexis Applewood is listed as missing in action, presumed dead. The news update bulleting began.

Knowing how the Federation News Network typically painted Alexis, Tuppence did not read any further.

She collapsed backwards against the chair, unable to speak, the exhaustion of the past week of near constant work, with very little rest compiled upon her newfound grief. She began sobbing, softly.

"I'm sorry." She whispered, as though her old Captain were sitting in the same room. "I missed the wedding." She added, quietly.

The room, for it's part, said nothing. Not unexpected.

Her screen was quiet for several minutes, before the one new message icon blinked in the top right corner.

Pressing the button, the screen blanked. A curious message. Taking her attention off the screen, Merideth blinked, as a glowing orb sat on her desk. A holo-matrix?

Poking it with her finger, it jumped backwards, and reformed in to a very tiny version of her old Captain.

"Well, my second best friend, here we are. I only recorded a few of these. You'll have to pass on the messages for me." The tiny-Alexis noted. "I'm sorry. I know you didn't want to receive this message. I've got 50 credits riding on you taking my death worse than my wife."

Merideth snorted at that. How very Alexis. She watched the little figure walk over to the edge of her desk, and sit down over the edge.

"Sadly, I can't tell you how I perished. I assume it was something that couldn't be prevented. I hope I died, saving people's lives. I've always tried to do that. Not always successfully, but you know, just as much as Lauren does, I tried. I wish I had dealt with Lyspari better. I expect my funeral to have protestors present." Alexis chuckled, and shook her head. "My grandfather used to tell me that if you record these things for your family, you don't have to worry about some wanker making those closest to you feel worse, by misrepresenting who you were, while describing your death. He never told me how morbid it was, to discuss the possibility of you dying, as though you were dead. Still. It is... Kind of peaceful to know that if I don't make it home from Valix, you will get to hear things I could never say, face to face."

Shaking her head, Merideth scowled. "I don't want to hear them. I want to remember you like I do, right now." She said, quietly.

"Override accepted; 13 minutes have been removed from current dialogue." The computer noted.

Hastily fast forwarding, the little hologram hopped off the desk, and jumped to full size. After finishing her little fast forward, Alexis turned around to face her.

"I doubt you even listened to any of that. That's okay. You can always read it later. The archive is saved under Tuppence-Alexis-1." Holo-Alexis noted. "Regardless, I only lived long enough to get married because you were so hell bent on keeping Captain Daniel's crew in on piece, while I tried to do the same thing, tactically, instead of medically. So. On behalf of Lauren, and myself, thank you. I honestly hope you find your night in shining armor."

The hologram moved towards the replicator, than reverted to the little golden ball, which disappeared in to the replicator control panel.

A mug appeared, in the replicator tray. It had Alexis' favorite holiday drink; a peppermint mocha, complete with a candy cane hanging off the side. There was a little note next to it, that simply read 'Merry Christmas, Mary Tuppence.'

Merideth sniffled, as she moved to the replicator, and picked up the mug, taking the note, with a light smile.

"You were the best of friends, a socially incompetent engineer could've asked for." Alexis' disembodied voice noted. "Don't stop smiling. Your smile used to brighten even those closest to death."

Asking the replicator for a second cup, Merideth brought it in to intensive care, with the slightest of smiles, and placed the cup next to the bio-bed Captain April Calloway rested on.

April groggily looked towards the mug. "What's that for?" She asked quietly.

"It's a gift. From the ghost of Christmas past. You want to hear another story?" Merideth asked, taking her seat.

"Absolutely." Captain Calloway said, picking up the cup.

"Alright, then." Merideth nodded. "This story is about the same person, as last time. Her, and the weirdest diplomat you will ever meet, Captain Lauren Applewood, and a crippled ship, a broken crew, choosing to celebrate the holidays that their crew celebrated, anyway."

"That sounds perfect." Calloway noted, with a tilt of her head. "Are you alright?"

"I will be. I have to make sure an old friend loses a bet."


Lieutenant Merideth Tuppence
Chief Medical Officer
U.S.S. Langport


Captain April Calloway
Commanding Officer,
U.S.S. Tsuge

With a guest appearance by

Acting Captain Alexis Applewood
Commanding Officer(Posthumously),
U.S.S. Icarus


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