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Posted on Fri Dec 30th, 2016 @ 11:47am by Lieutenant Merideth Tuppence M.D. & Ensign Nirrti Samedi

Mission: No Quarter
Location: Sickbay

Nirrti's duffle bag had been delivered to her quarters and she was rearing to get to work with the zeal of the enthusiastic little bundle of energy that she was. Before she could report to Lieutenant Howard though she had to get her physical done. And so after having showered and changed to make herself presentable after her long journey she made her way to sickbay with a hop and a skip. Once there she stepped inside and sat down on a chair, simply awaiting her turn.

Having finished with her previous patient, Merideth wandered up to this stranger. She nodded with a polite smile. "Good day. I'm Doctor Tuppence. How may I be of assistance?"

The pale officer smiled broadly. "Tuppence? That's an interesting name. Must be some history behind that." she mused at the pretty blonde woman before her, as she rose to her feet and offered a hand in greet. "Nirrti Samedi, Ops. I'm here for my mandatory physical before going on duty, Doctor Tuppence."

"Ah, of course. Well, come along. I think we've got a private room still available." Merideth said, guiding the officer down the hallway. "Ah. Yes. Perfect. This will do. Now, let's start out with the basic question. Any drug allergies, medical concerns, or injuries not on record since your last physical?"

"Nope! Not that I'm aware of." Nirrti answered happily. With a hop and a skip she followed Merideth. "Well, apart from the Asphodelian thing, you know, needing contacts to not be blinded in standard federation light levels."

"They make glasses for that." Merideth said, with a laugh. "I have to wear a pair to read, sometimes. I suffer an allergy to most of the miracle vision drugs we use on humans to improve, or prevent detriment, to their eyesight. I can get you set up for a fitting, if you like."

"I tried glasses with darkened lenses once. There's too much stray light that comes in around the edges. There is an operation I could do so I wouldn't need contacts anymore, but then I would lose my low-light vision. And I'm kinda fond of that." Nirrti mused, sitting down on an indicated biobed.

"As you like." Merideth shrugged. "As long as you make do, I suppose it's not a big deal." She added, withdrawing a tricorder, and setting it up for Nirrti. "Now then. Let's see how you've been taking care of yourself." She added, beginning to take a scan. "Mmm. A bit off in your diet. Otherwise in good health. My diet is a bit off, myself. Too many sweets. Gets me every time. It's nothing major. Just might mess with your ability to fight off minor infections. Might not. Not a big deal."

"Oh good. I was afraid you were going to tell me no more chocolate." Nirrti grinned sheepishly. "Why do they make that stuff soooo delicious anyways! It's not fair."

"Honestly." Merideth agreed. "Still. I like to say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, so if you're using it to bribe yourself in to eating healthier foods either before, or after, you'll get no flak from me."

"Mmhm, I do like to eat healthy. Ish. And work out a lot." Nirrti was in very good shape, even for someone of her age. She took pride in keeping herself that way, that much was obvious.

"Well, then you and I shall get along swimmingly. That's everything I need." Merideth said, with a nod. "If the lights give you a migraine, drop by anytime. I'll get you something to clear it right up, alright?"

"Got it. Thank you doc." Nirrti smiled, hopping off of the bio bed again. "So, that's it? I'm cleared now?"

"Absolutely. Unless you were having a concern you wanted to have addressed." Merideth replied. "That's all I need, anyway."

"Nope!" Nirrti beamed. "You're real pretty. Might ask you out for dinner some time. Don't know yet. Bye~!" she added, heading out with a cheerful wave.

"That'd be a first." Merideth muttered to herself, after waving to Nirrti.


Lieutenant Merideth Tuppence
Chief Medical Officer


Ensign Nirrti Samedi
Operations Officer


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