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A Careful Game

Posted on Sun Jan 22nd, 2017 @ 10:17pm by Lieutenant Commander Brenan Stowe & Lieutenant Coreas ar’Kylin

Mission: No Quarter
Location: Planetside - Bar

Brenan and Coreas walked wordlessly through the crowd of people in the bar until they spotted a table full of people playing poker and laughing as they chattered.

"How much you want to bet we can get some info there?" Brenan said quietly to Coreas, nodding casually toward the table.

Coreas eyed the motley assortment of players for a moment, taking in their dress and mannerisms. "Too loud." He commented, mostly to himself. "Low level muscle. At least most of them are." His gaze settled on one man who sat with a more subdued demeanor. "The quiet one is our best bet. I'd guess he's a bosun."

Brenan nodded, "Yep. Want to see if we can get dealt in?" He asked, grinning a bit. "Might even make some money off of it."

"I never say no to a little extra cash." Coreas smiled as he adjusted his jacket slightly and began to lean as if the party had started early for him.

He leaned against Brenan, sniffed loudly and said in a raised tone. "I've got a pocket full of cash and I want to find a game." His tone was slurred as he waived a handful of credit vouchers in the air, having produced them from nowhere. "You know how much I've got?"

Brenan fell in on the act immediately, trying to snatch the credits from Coreas' hand, "Brent, knock that off, man. You're drunk, we're going home."

"Nah. I want to win some money." Coreas swayed a little on his feet. "How'z 'bout them?" He waved a hand in the direction of the table. "They look like they'r playin a game."

"Hey!" Coreas shouted in a voice too loud for the distance to the table. "You'z guys lookin' to lose some money!"

Then men around the table chuckled, but beckoned them over, "C'mon, man... seriously," Brenan hissed, still trying to pull Coreas over toward the door.

"Hey! Stop pullin on me! I've been stuck on that rinky dink freighter for almost a month." Coreas pulled his arm away. "I'm gonna let off some steam." He walked uneasily to the table and sat heavily in the proffered seat. "What're we playin?"

The men at the table started chuckling, "Oh, whatever you want, kid."

There was a chime from one of the men's pockets. He pulled out the comm device and brought it up, "Destin. We're in public. What's up?"

"We're moving on the mark. Need you back at base," A woman's voice from the otherside of the line said.

"We're on our way," The man said, dropping the commlink back into his pocket, "Sorry, boys. Work issues," He said, grinning. "Maybe some other time, huh?"

All of the men at the table abruptly stood and rushed out toward the doors.

Brenan looked over to where Hel and Tate had situated themselves at the bar and saw that their mark was moving on quickly as well and falling in with the card players.

"It occurs to me that we need to be where they're going too," Brenan said, giving Coreas a grin.

"Who wants to see what we do with spies?" Came a cry from the back of the room.

Brenan turned, and his face went white as he saw three large men dragging out Linnea and her scouts.

"These rats were snooping around our bar and eavesdropping on our conversations, and trying to get information that we ain't in a mood to give out," The burly man said.

Brenan's mind was racing as he watched the event unfold, trying to figure out how he could stop this without causing a scene or blowing their cover... this deep in enemy territory, doing that would mean they were all dead.

"This!" He said, discharging the pulse phaser in his into the back of Linnea's head and dropping her abruptly to the ground, "Is what we do with spies!" He barked as his friends did the same to her scout. "Anyone forgets that, you feel free to put a bolt in your own head and save me the trouble!" He yelled.

Brenan bit his jaw, suppressing a scream of anger.

Behind him, Brenan heard Hel yelp and cast an eye in her direction for a moment, before quickly speaking to Coreas, "Screw it, we regroup and go after them," He said, before walking toward the women with purpose, trying to put out of his mind what he'd just seen.


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