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The Sweethearts

Posted on Sun Jan 22nd, 2017 @ 10:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Brenan Stowe & Lieutenant Hel Samedi & Lieutenant JG Tate Sullivan Ph.D.

Mission: No Quarter
Location: Planetside - Bar

As Hel and Tate approached the bar and the eyes of all of the spacers there found them quickly. Those that didn't get caught on Tate's pretty face fell to Hel's low cut top fairly quickly. One of the men at the counter started laughing a bit, "Bar tender, can I get a couple drinks up for our lovely ladies here?" He said, smiling coyly. "They do look mighty parched and in the need of some spirits tonight."

"Long as you keep your mitts to yourself this time, Landry," The barkeep replied, flatly.

"I ain't gonna do nothin'," He replied, looking offended.

"All the same, why don't you girls sit on the other side of me," The man sitting next to Landry said, nodding to a couple open seats next to him. "Landry has a tendency to fall asleep and magically wind up with his hands in places they shouldn't be."

"Awe it was just the one time," Landry replied, frowning.

"Right. The one time this week," The other man said, giving Landry a long suffering look.

Hel chuckled, flashing black-on-black eyes at Landry, along with a playful smile. "I'll have a scotch. Straight." she mused, tracing a fingertip over Landry's shoulder as she moved to sit next to him. He seemed like a regular, like he knew his way around, and like a perfect mark. "Hello there, big guy. Thanks for the drink."

The other man raised his hands in surrender, "Hey, you try to help some people," He said, grinning a bit as he shook his head and turned back to the bar.

Landry didn't hide staring right down her top, "Awe, it was nothing. Just being gentlemanly," He said, grinning like an idiot.

"The thought's appreciated sweetie." Hel blew a kiss at the other man. "As for you, big guy, tell me about yourself?" she spoke, turning her full attention to Landry. She figured that should he become too rowdy, her Starfleet training would keep her safe enough.

Tate attempted to make small talk with the others around the bar area, but got little more than grunts from most people. Whether it was because they didn't trust new people or were just more interested in making love to their drinks, Sullivan wasn't sure, but as she moved around, it became apparent the bar was the place to be to socialize, and if Hel's blown kiss was any indication, it was a place to get results. So as not to leave the men thinking the two women were together, Sullivan made sure to take a barstool away from Samedi. "Can a woman get in on this action, or are you one of those rare men who are a one-woman guy?"

"Oh for Christ sake," the other man said throwing his hands in the air. "Hi, Captain John Miller, I fly the Red Scarab on dangerous cargo runs from one side of this sector to the other all the time. I've rescued real life princesses from real life slavers, and lived to tell about it... Landry... Landry here is just a drunk you likes grabbing boobs when the opportunity is presented," He said, sounding flabbergasted that these two women were fawning over Landry.

"I fell asleep!" Landry retorted hotly.

"Multiple times. On multiple girls. And all with your hands mysteriously finding cleavage to grab on the way down," Miller replied, smugly.

"It was an accident!" Landry replied.

"Yeah, and I'm knock boots with the chief of Starfleet Intelligence," Miller quipped back, dryly.

"Your poor company decisions aren't my fault," Landry replied, grinning coyly.

"Ahh, forget it," Miller said, waving the older man off grumpily and turning back to his drink.

Hel considered quickly. The back-and-forth between the two men made her think that maybe this 'Miller' offered a better chance of getting the information she needed than this 'Landry' fellow. "Hey hey now. Don't be like that." she spoke. "Look, I'm just a girl looking for a place to stay, maybe a job. Figured trying to cozy up to someone at the local bar was the easiest way to go about it. I know my way around tech and engines, can do maintenance and I work cheap." she ventured, at Miller. "If you say you're the one I need to talk to about that, then - well. Hi, John Miller. Gwin. Gwin Halsey." she put on her best smile and offered a pale hand in greet.

Taking Samedi's lead, Tate decided she would continue to work on Landry. He might indeed be a dead-end as far as information, but at least they had a better chance of getting information if they decided to divide and conquer. "Julia Capwell," Sullivan offered casually to Landry. She didn't want to emulate 'Gwin' too closely, lest they be linked together, but now seemed as good a time as any to make introductions.

"Well now," Miller replied, not taking Hel's hand, "How quickly they come to their senses. Maybe it's too late, though, huh? My very fragile feelings have been injured," He replied, turning back to his drink.

"Landry Toms, ma'am... can I get ya a drink?" The little old man was saying as he turned back to look at Tate, looking just a bit disappointed that the curvier girl seemed to be leaving him, but not TOO disappointed.

"Poor fella." ''Gwin' furrowed her brows and let out a sympathetic noise. "Back where I'm from if a horse was so wounded as you are we'd put 'em down." she smirked. "Hire me and give me food and I'll make the pain go away."

Turning to Landry, 'Julia' said with a slightly flirtatious smile, "I'll take something sweet with a surprise kick, if you have it. In the meantime, I bet you have some stories to share. Something tells me nothing happens here without you knowing, and I'm looking to be regaled. Think you can handle that?"

"Hire you?" Miller said with a laugh, "What sort of guy do you think I am? I don't need to hire women. I"ve got plenty just waiting," He replied, a bit sharply.

Suddenly, something chimed in his pocket, and he pulled out a small comm unit, "Miller."

"We're live. Get back to base," A voice on the other side of the line said abruptly.

"Copy, en route," He said, standing. "I'm really sorry for the intrusion, but it seems something has come up and I need to get back to work. Maybe next time," He said, tipping his hat.

As he rushed out a few more folks stood up and rushed out with him.

Landry leaned back on the bar and looked over at Hel, a scandalous grin on his face, "Well, sweety, there's plenty of me to go around..."

"Can any of those tune a warp core blindfolded, take down and reassemble a pulse cannon in half an hour, handle a phaser and cook Klingon, Vulcan, Bolian, Terran and Ferengi cuisine!" Hel called out after Miller. She was convinced now more than never that he and what apparently passed for his gang were who she was looking for, so she stood up and hurried after them, ignoring Landry.

"Who wants to see what we do with spies?" Came a cry from the back of the room.

"These rats were snooping around our bar and eavesdropping on our conversations, and trying to get information that we ain't in a mood to give out," The burly man said.

Hel and Tate saw Brenan stiffen just barely, eyes darting around the room immediately looking for options to rescue their crew mates.

"This!" The man barked, discharging the pulse phaser in his into the back of Linnea's head and dropping her abruptly to the ground, "Is what we do with spies!" He barked as his friends did the same to her scouts. "Anyone forgets that, you feel free to put a bolt in your own head and save me the trouble!" He yelled.

It was all Tate could do not to cry out when she saw Linnea and the others drop unceremoniously, but she didn't dare do anything to give away her connection to Hel or Linnea. Still, the blood drained from her face and she didn't trust herself to say a word.

Hel did shriek, then covered her mouth, eyes wide. All she could do now was hope that was a natural enough reaction to seeing someone murdered in cold blood that nobody would suspect she knew Linnea.

Everyone stood there baffled at the deaths. Brenan and Coreas exchanged words briefly, before heading toward Hel and Tate. Things had just escalated to a dangerous extent, and keeping themselves separate seemed to no long be as critical.

The only question was what to do next...


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