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Who Pulls Your Strings?

Posted on Wed Jan 11th, 2017 @ 12:37am by Captain Rohana O'Touvelli

Mission: No Quarter

Perched at her desk in the Ready Room, Ro O'Touvelli sat with her back straight and her shoulders squared, her arms leaning lightly on her desktop. Fingers trailing over the synthetic wood grain, she ignored her steaming mug of tea to regard General Udak with displeasure evident on her freckled face. "I heard you the first time you said that, general. I'm still trying to discern why you're keeping your side of the investigation so close to your chest. You've turned over nothing from your investigation of the Tsuge wreckage beyond the initial report sent to Starfleet. Not a peep on searching for the ships that attacked the Tsuge despite reports that they'd also attacked klingon ships previously and ships running cargo to our joint colonies in the area. We could cover so much more ground working together."

"We could," Udak responded stiffly from his center chair on the bridge of the Kompor. He seemed bored and surly and completely uninterested in any kind of speaking. With his hands clasped over his stomach, the aging warrior shared a likeness of a bear being poked awake mid-hibernation. "Our orders are to guard the USS Tsuge and any vessel that comes to investigate the Tsuge until that presence withdraws from the area. We are not ordered to divulge any further information to you regarding the incident or its investigations."

"Which would lead straight into this comm silence between our ships. Being as that seems your intention to uphold, how about you return our officer then being as she's no longer needed in interpreting our intentions for you and vice versa? In fact, I insist. It's time for Ensign Loring to return home," the redhead said, tapping her long fingers on the desktop for emphasis.

"That won't be possible at this time," Udak responded in his gritty voice, the corners of his mouth turning up slightly.

"It wasn't a request," insisted Ro, who was leaning forward on her elbows now. She watched as the portly klingon made a hand gesture to a junior officer, before turning back to her, grinning wider almost in a dare.. "General Udak-" She began again when the comm cut off and a voice cut in from her commbadge instead. "Captain O'Touvelli, the klingon ships are withdrawing," Ensign Ishida relayed over the line, even as Ro pushed out of her chair and rounded the desk. She was just stepping through the doors to the bridge as the woman relayed the rest of the information. "Long range scanners are picking up multiple vessels sir. Two. Twelve. Fifteen. Twenty-nine."

The numbers kept rattling off as the small woman responded to Ro's motion to put it on the viewscreen. At first, there was little to be seen. Nothing more than specks against the stars too small even upon magnification to make out until some of the larger ships appeared amongst the clusters like shepherds warping in behind a lost flock. Familiar ships as seen in the footage recovered from the Tsuge of the marauding Gorn vessels- which weren't Gorn by any stretch of the imagination.

"Sound red alert, Ensign Ishida," O'Touvelli stated cooly as she dropped into her chair and took a deep breath. She had expected a betrayal, but not one so quick and not that specific combination of bedfellows.

"-There's well over a hundred and climbing, captain." Ishida warned, her voice steady despite the information that she rattled off.

Smaller ships for the most part, Ro noted. Most were barely larger than shuttles and clung in tight formations like a grid. Perfect. The turbolift door swished open, feeding more crew to the understaffed bridge who were quick to take up position and began rattling information to O'Touvelli as she studied the amassing group ahead of them.

"Let them come," she said before anything could be asked of her. "And we'll gut them. Ladies and gentlemen, let us prepare for war."


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