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Seriously? I *just* went to bed.

Posted on Sat Jan 14th, 2017 @ 6:01am by Lieutenant Merideth Tuppence M.D.
Edited on on Sat Jan 14th, 2017 @ 6:02am

Mission: No Quarter
Location: Lieutenant Tuppence's quarters, Sickbay

"Red Alert. Red Alert. All stations, Red Alert." The computer noted, waking Tuppence from her rest.

She had finally gone to bed.

Three hours ago.

Groggily stumbling in to sickbay, not having bothered to switch out of her pajamas, or put shoes on, the slipper-footed Chief Medical officer looked at one of the nurses, groggily, not paying any attention at all to her dress, or condition.

"Wha- the hell is goin- on?" Merideth asked, sleepily.

"The ship is under attack, ma'am. Or it's going to be, shortly." The nurse took in her appearance, than briefly disappeared. Reappearing with a coffee, and a cheese sandwich, she pointed at the chair at the nurse's station. "Sit. Eat. We're going to need you. Soon."

Tuppence groggily nodded, and did as instructed.

Several moments later, the nurse returned. She did a quick scan of Tuppence, and shook her head. "You should be sleeping." The nurse noted.

"What's you're name, Ensign?" Merideth asked.

"Acting Ensign Sarah London, ma'am." The nurse said, before handing her a glass of juice. "And you need to detox those stim shots out of your kidneys. Cranberry juice. Drink."

"Look, Sarah-" Merideth started.

"No." The nurse said, lifting the glass to Merideth's lips. "It isn't crunch time. Not right now. It's going to be. Shortly. Prepare for it."

Merideth was unaccustomed to being cared for with such determination, and simply nodded, sipping her drink.

"How much of the Tsuge's crew have we cleared?" Merideth asked.

"All but twenty. Twenty one if you include her Captain." The nurse removed the medical jacket she was wearing, to reveal a patient's gown that didn't entirely cover the plasma burns, which Merideth had mostly treated. "Twenty two, if you're going to tell me to get back on the bio bed." She added, handing Merideth the medical jacket. "I'm just doing nurse stuff, like writing up charts. Nothing strenuous. I'm just... Itchy. Bored."

"Are you a doctor?" Merideth asked, with a slight frown, in thought.

"I will be, once I finish the last stretch of my on the job training." London noted.

"Then put the jacket back on." Merideth said, shaking her hand. "I'm going to need a few extra hands, I expect."

"Well. That is. I was doing on the job training. As a civilian. Captain April kind of..." London began.

"Look, have you passed all your civilian courses?" Merideth asked.

"Uh. Yes, ma'am." London said, pulling up her records, for Merideth to see.

Eyeing the line 'Mother: unknown, Captain April Calloway(adoptive)', within the file brought over from the Tsuge, Merideth nodded, as she checked with the ship's records to confirm.

"Well. Acting Ensign. Today, you're earning acting the part. It's not exactly text books, but this is probably going to be the best on the job training you're going to get." Merideth noted.

Grabbing two sets of surgical scrubs from one of the closets, Merideth handed one to London. "You are practicing under my direct tutoring. You understand? At no point, are you permitted to treat a patient, unsurpervised."

"Yes, ma'am." The young woman nodded.

Merideth smiled, after they had both gotten hastily changed. "Merideth Tuppence. Chief Medical Officer. Welcome to Starfleet Medical. Let's get the last of the Tsuge's crew as stabilized as we can."


April Calloway watched Tuppence take to Sarah, as though she were a close family friend, and smiled. Not just because Tuppence was being kind to Sarah.

This was the first time she had been told Sarah wasn't dead. A great deal of her carefully controlled grief vanished in that exact moment.

"Hey, kid." April said, looking up, at the child she had rescued. "You found a friend."

With a mischievous glint in her eye, Sarah nodded. "You could say that, mom."

Tuppence held out her tricorder, to Sarah, but Sarah frowned at it, and shook her head.

"Can't do that, ma'am. Professional ethics. I will not be able to remain impartial." Sarah said, looking away.

"That's what it means to be a civilian doctor, sure." Merideth said, placing the tricorder firmly in Sarah's hand. "If you want to be a Starfleet medical officer, you have to be ready to treat anyone. Even your worst enemy, or your closest friend."

"I-" Sarah frowned, looking away. "Maybe I just don't want to know what shape she's in."

April looked at Sarah, then at Tuppence, who quirked an eyebrow. "You've got still healing visible plasma burns, and yet here you are, stepping up, to be a medical officer. What did Doctor Tuppence say, when she handed you those clothes?" Calloway asked.

"Welcome to Starfleet Medical." Sarah repeated.

"I granted you the rank of acting Ensign so that you could help out in the Tsuge's medical ward. You did admirably. The job isn't done. If there is one thing. Just one." Calloway said, before having a brief coughing fit. "That I have tried to impart on you, it's that the job isn't ever done, until you die, or you quit. I am not giving up. I don't know how to give up. Doctor Tuppence would not have permitted you to help her with patients if she thought you would give up. Open the bloody tricorder, and do as your section Chief has ordered. That is an order, acting Ensign."

Sarah paused, then smiled slightly at that. "That's my mom." She said, with a light chuckle. Opening said tricorder, she gasped, slightly. "How exactly, did you keep her going through this?"

Patting Sarah's shoulder, Merideth smiled. "By never giving up. Now. Look. You want to do this job?"

"Yes, ma'am." Sarah nodded.

"Then you're going to do it the same way your mom, or I would do it. It doesn't matter if the patient is the bloody Queen of England, from 1865. We do not give up on, or refuse to treat, anyone in this ward, unless they are abusive, or are otherwise impairing the treatment of others." Merideth noted.

"A lesson? You had me run a diagnostic scan on what's left of my mom, as a lesson?" Sarah asked.

"It needed to be done." Calloway noted, smiling slightly, at Tuppence's methodology.

"Or I wouldn't have done it." Merideth nodded. "Punch me. Kick me. Throw the tricorder at me. I don't care. I need you invested in making sure everyone makes it out of this in one piece. We aren't going to have time for interpersonal dynamics once the ship starts shaking."

There was a moment of silence, before Sarah grabbed Tuppence's shoulder.

Tuppence winced, expecting a punch. It did not come.

Sarah pulled Tuppence in to a tight hug, instead.

"I get it." Sarah whispered. "You're doing this for her, too."

"Not entirely." Tuppence replied. "An old friend of mine used to say that people like us don't give up on people." Tuppence paused. "She passed away, recently. She would be really upset, if she ever found out that I left you to your own devices, with your adopted mother being disabled for the foreseeable future. I will talk to Captain O'touvelli. Until then, under various emergency situation acts, you are hereby temporarily assigned to the medical department of the U.S.S. Langport. I'll get you your own coat, later. We have patients to treat."

"Yes, ma'am." Sarah said, bowing her head.

"Call me Merideth, if you're going to be all huggy about it, and please don't take that as an insult." Merideth replied, with a smile. "She is in good hands, Captain."

"I suspect she's in more than that, Doctor." Calloway winked at Sarah. "Good luck, kid."

The slight blush on Sarah's face was not noticed by Tuppence, who was already walking in the direction of the next patient.

"Hurry it up, kid." Tuppence shouted. "Captain Calloway isn't going anywhere. The next one might be."

"You got it, Merideth." Sarah replied, running along, to catch up.

The two went to help clear up sickbay, for the impending injured from whoever was attacking.

Calloway smiled. "Refueling her spirit, and keeping her going. Good hands, indeed. Thank you." She whispered, closing her eyes.

Somehow, Calloway knew. Between Tuppence, and O'touvelli. This would work out. This crew was just as wonderful as her own.

For the first time, since her surgery, she fell asleep without the need for anesthetics.


Lieutenant Merideth Tuppence
Chief Medical Officer

Guest starring

Captain April Calloway
Commanding Officer. U.S.S. Tsuge

And introducing

Doctor Sarah London(Civilian/Acting Ensign)
Acting Medical Officer


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