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Meeting the boss

Posted on Sat Jan 28th, 2017 @ 12:48am by Lieutenant JG Tobie Lee Howard & Ensign Nirrti Samedi

Mission: No Quarter
Timeline: Prior to 'Who Pulls Your Strings?'

After putting her belongings in her quarter and getting her physical done there was only one thing left to do: reporting for duty. As such the pale Operations officer headed to the Operations offices to do just so. Once there she rang the door chime to Lieutenant Howard's office.

"Enter," A woman's voice called out, clear and somewhat chipper. She turned out to be a rather freckly woman with dark hair in a loose braid and wide, dark eyes. She put aside her PaDD when as the doors parted and looked up to greet Samedi with a smile. "What can I do for you?"

Nirrti entered with a hop, a skip, a bounce and a nearly annoyingly bright smile. "Hi! Nirrti Samedi, software specialist. I'm your new Ensign to boss around!" she beamed. Here's my transfer paperwork." the pale officer added, offering Howard a PaDD.

Tobie took the PaDD, though her eyes stayed on Nirrti, one eyebrow slightly quirked. "I don't actually boss people around. It's good that you came, ensign. We seem to have quite a few odd programs and viruses encountered since we left the starbase."

Nirrti nodded. "I heard as much from my sister. Well, she told me that a lot more wasn't quite working up to Starfleet spec than just the software, but I'ma let her tinker with the warpdrive, that's not my area of expertise." she furrowed her brows a moment before smiling brightly again, bouncing on her feet a bit. "So what seems to be the problem, miss boss lady Ma'am? backdoors? Trojans? Viruses? Build clashes? Driver incompatibilities?"

Tobie's nose scrunched up a little as she spoke. "I believe that we have one or more individuals repeatedly attempting to get into places where they shouldn't. Changing permissions, rewriting rosters, uploading viruses: in general being a nuisance. There isn't much of a security department at this time, so tracking down the culprits hasn't been possible as of yet."

Nirrti gave a slow nod, turning more serious. "Then we're likely talking about backdoors and trojans, left-over modifications from the previous crew. Unauthorized ones. Well, that gives me something to go on." she smiled. "Was there anything else I need to know before I get to work?"

"Be prudent when you head into medical for your check in. They've taken in a lot of casualties lately, so be mindful when you head in. If they're in emergency mode, give them space and time. Avoid the lower deck civilian areas if you can as they can be dangerous or go with a partner. The last crew was sort of unscrupulous," Again Tobie seemed less than pleased about discussing it.

"Already had my physical, Ma'am. They seemed to be on top of things and I didn't have to wait at all." Nirrti smiled. "Will keep your warning about the lower decks in mind when I roam the ship."

"Good. I'll let you wander a bit and get a feeling for the ship then. Dip in as you will, test the waters. I'll start you grabbing tickets in the morning when you're officially on shift, as well as send you copies of pertinent incident logs. Welcome to the crew," Howard offered with a tentative smile. "I hope that you'll like it here."

"Thanks Boss!" Nirrti gave a cheerful salute. "I'm sure I'll love it here." And with that the bundle of energy turned and left with a hop and a skip.


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