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The Chase

Posted on Mon Feb 6th, 2017 @ 10:31am by Lieutenant Commander Brenan Stowe & Lieutenant Hel Samedi & Lieutenant Coreas ar’Kylin

Mission: No Quarter
Location: Planetside - Alley Ways

Having entrusted Tate with staying and finding out where they were going to dump Linnea and her scout's bodies, Coreas, Brenan, and Hel quickly made their way out of the bar and into the streets of the planet to start tracking the departing pirates.

"Stay close, but don't bunch," Brenan warned, "And try to blend in with the crowd," He said as he took a few steps away from his crew mates and wandered, keeping the pirates in sight while using the excuse of browsing wares to keep an eye on his friends. His heart was still pounding from watching them kill Linnea, but he had to push that out of his mind. Talk about a mission gone wrong...

Still distraught by seeing her colleague so brutally murdered, Hel had to tell herself that she had a mission to do, that dealing with the shock and the grief would come later. Her expression surprisingly calm, hiding the turmoil inside, she followed the pirates covertly, mimicing Brenan's method of blending in with the crowd and pretending to peruse wares. Her thoughts flashed to her family. To her younger sister, who wanted to join Starfleet as well. Fortunately she was far away from this madness.

Coreas scanned the crowds looking for one of two things. Either people picking up items off the ground where they'd been jostled or a path that appeared to be blocked off by small groups of people trying to blend in. He didn't want to think about what had just happened. Though if he were to be honest with himself, he had to admit that would be way he would expect to leave this life. He didn't often regret his life choices, but he did sometimes wonder what his life would be like if he'd made different ones. Maybe stayed with his people as a merchant. Of course he wouldn't have had his own ship yet if he'd made that choice.

"Wait." Coreas said getting an idea. "How powerful are the sensors on that tub we flew in on?"

"It's a basic sensor suite," Brenan replied over his shoulder. "Why, you got something in mind?" He asked.

"I could boost it a bit, at the expense of reliability and life." Hel mused, catching up to the two men.

"Clue me in, guys. If you've got ideas, I'm all ears. I just watched these ass holes put phaser blasts in four innocent creature's lives. I'm all sorts of in the mood to do them irreparable harm," Brenan said, seriously.

Coreas thought hard for a moment. "It might be possible to use the sensors to collect trajectory data from outbound ships. We could flag all ships that are moving towards the same interstellar track. Ports like this don't have strictly controlled flight paths. So multiple ships headed in the same direction is going to be unsual."

"Easily faked out though by having ships move out in semi random directions and meet up later at some pre-determined rendezvous point." Hel mused. "But the idea has merit."

"We could use high energy level readings to narrow down our search. Most pirate ships have modified weapons, engines and shields that have higher energy requirements than normal vessels, including smugglers." Coreas added.

"That ... Is again something I can compensate and filter for." Hel mused. "You might be on to something, Velen. Good man."

"It's also worth noting that if they're rushing toward something, they probably won't do the different directions trick for fear of losing their target," Brenan said, seriously. "You two head back to the ship, I'm going to follow our buddies here and see where they're based out of. I'll meet back up with Tate and meet you back there," He said, nodding in the direction of where their shuttle was berthed.

Hel gave a quick nod. "Gotcha. Meet up with you later. C'mon, Velen." as she turned and jogged back to the ship, keeping the pace.

Brenan watched for a moment as the two of them bolted away through the crowd, then turned back to follow the pirates before him. He was going to find where these bastards were hiding and make sure the Federation could root them out.

No matter what.


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