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The Swarm

Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 1:07am by Lieutenant JG Kelly Henshaw & Lieutenant JG Nathan Daniels Jr. & Lieutenant JG Mitch Tyler & Lieutenant JG David Windsor & Captain Rohana O'Touvelli & Lieutenant Merideth Tuppence M.D. & Lieutenant JG Tobie Lee Howard

Mission: No Quarter
Location: USS Langport - Bridge

The bridge was dim, bathed in flashing red lights as the enemy ships approaching like a swarm of angry bees.The alarm klaxons blared I'm time with the stomp of boots on deck playing as the primary staff took their positions.

Kelly Henshaw swapped places with the young Ensign who'd been manning it before she'd arrived and immediately started tracking the attacking vessels and plotting evasion maneuvers. She'd seen what they had done to the Tsuge and she'd be damned if that was going to happen to the Langport, "We're ready for evasive maneuvers, Captain!" She called.

"Engineering to the bridge," a young man's voice came through the comms. "Lieutenant Jay Gee Mitch Tyler here, ma'am. I've already got power rerouting from non-essential systems to shields and our structural integrity field. We should be ready to take what they can dish out... I hope."

"Gimme anything extra you can on the maneuvering thrusters... We're gonna need 'em," Kelly said.

"I'll do what I can!" Tyler replied over the channel.

"Medical to bridge. We're as ready as we're going to be. I've recruited a few extra assistants from the Tsuge's crew. We've got quite a lot of mostly patched up people here wanting to help." Tuppence's voice noted.

"We have a large civilian contingent aboard, doctor. If they're fit for duty, send them to shore up posted officers to help keep the peace and minimize casualties. Thank you," Ro responded briskly before glancing over her shoulder at Daniels. "What are we looking at?"

Daniel's fingers were already flying over the tactical console as he spoke, "Contact in ten seconds. Torpedoes are loaded, phasers at ready, but there's so many of them, I'm not one-hundred percent sure we can keep all of them off of us," He explained, nervously.

"So long as I keep moving, we'll be okay!" Kelly called back over her shoulder, confidently.

"Captain," The slender, olive-skinned man at the science console called, "Our findings from the Tsuge seemed to indicate that at least a portion of the assault force were drones... I may be able to even out the playing field if that's the case," He said. "Ah... Lieutenant David Windsor, ma'am. Assistant Chief Science," He added, realizing they hadn't been formally introduced yet.

"Super. Hop on that. Anything we can do to scramble, detonate or redirect that mass: do it." Curt, but not cold, Ro thought ahead on as many angles as she could come up with. "What can we tell about the other ships? Armament? Is the drone mass the shield or the skirmishers? Figure it out fast 'cause that's our ticket through this. Kelly, run that pack for a bit so our fine gents can analyze."

"Working on it, Captain!" Kelly called with a grunt and a groan as the sound of metal on metal screeched through the air.

"Minimal damage on decks two and three," Daniels called, "Structural integrity down to 98% on those decks," He added.

"Skirmishers," Windsor called over the din. "Sensor readings show that the capitol ships are armed and dangerous, but not nearly as powerful enough to take us on," He explained.

"They use the fighters to wear us down, then pick us off after we're too weak to fight back," Daniels said, nodding as he sent out wave after wave of phaser blast and torpedo volley.

"Then we keep them off of us!" Kelly exclaimed, laughing maniacally as she spun the ship through the onslaught, allowing Daniels to blast many of the vessels into oblivion as possible.

Ro gripped the arms of her chair on instinct in response to Henshaw's laugh. That couldn't be good. Why was her ship full of maniacs anyways? "Kel, keep the drones in our dust. Windsor, find me a hubris. Cut through them where we need to Daniels. If you get a shot at one of those big ships, take them out. I want the fear of the gods heavy on their shoulders for trying to pull this stunt again."

"I can't get a clear shot on the bigger ships, cap," Daniels replied. "The screen from these damn bashers is too thick," He grumbled.

"I'll try to get us out of here, but they're keeping track with us really well," Kelly said, clearly annoyed. "It must be some sort of tracking AI," He offered.

"I'd agree with that," Windsor chimed in. "A very quick and effective one at that," He said, trying to nudge the sensors to give him anything that he could use against the bugs.

There was a ship shaking shudder an angry screach of metal on metal amid a flurry of curses from Kelly.

"Not so lucky that time!" Daniels called, barely keeping his grip on his console as the ship rolled under the impact. "Direct hit from one of the bashers, hull breaches on decks eight through twelve... no major damage, though. Most of those areas were cleared."

"We're sealing off the area as we speak, Captain. Blew a few EPS manifolds and torqued up one of the primary plasma conduits, but that's easy enough to reroute," Tyler called over the comm from Engineer.

"Structural integrity is at 88%," Daniels called.

"Captain, I've isolated a frequency that I believe may be the drone controller frequency," Windsor called suddenly. "I need a moment to isolate the best way to interrupt it!"

"Hurry up, would you? They're not exactly happy to give me extra time!" Kelly grumbled from her perch at the con.

"Moment's getting skinny.." warned Ro as the langport shuddered from another wave of attacks.

"Engineering," Windsor called, "Vent as much plasma from the bussard collectors as you can, and prepare to hit it with a polarized positron beam from the deflector dish," He said.

"That's going to create a hell of a tachyon field," Tyler responded back.

"That's the idea," Windsor replied, nodding self assuredly as the haze of plasma started to encroach on the edges of the viewscreen.

"I'm adjusting shields to compensate for the increased tachyon radiation," Daniels replied, madly tapping in commands on the tactical console.

"Hitting it with the beam now," Tyler called.

The ship shuddered as the blue haze of the vented plasma turned to and angry bright green, and then faded. One by one, the drone ships listed to the side and floated harmlessly along.

"Fried their receptors, if my understanding of their systems is right," Windsor said with a grin.

"Cut their assault force down by over half," Daniels replied happily as he looked over the radar scope. Several more ships were taken out of the equation as he watched as they ran afoul of the suddenly inert drone ships drifting in their path.

Lots of debris- which wasn't that bad for the Langport as their shields were still in good shape. Whatever couldn't be manuevered around would brush aside. The cobbled together ships, however, might have a bit more of a difficult time. "Floor is yours, Daniels. Take out their teeth or send them packing."

"Yes, ma'am!" Daniels said, grinning deviously. "Lieutenant Henshaw, drive us toward their main capital ships. I want to knock at least a couple of those out before they turn tail and run," He said.

"Read my mind," Kelly said, a grin of her own on her face as she pushed the ship easily through the debris field, watching with satisfaction as the disabled drones bounced off their shields with little to no effort.

"Shields are holding at 66%, Captain. Structural integrity is good," Tyler called over the comm.

"I'm about to ram some Federation fireworks down their throat," Daniels said, firing a volley of phaser fire back at the smaller ships while he unleashed a volley of torpedoes at the capital ships in front of them, which were already starting to turn tail and run.

The ensuing firefight was neither pretty nor dignified. Few of the marauding vessels actually stayed to put up a fight- most scattered as final potshots were lobbed their way. In the end, the Langport had taken some passing damage, but nothing compared to the thrashing that the others had suffered.

"Damage report," the captain called out as the fight died out around them.

"Shields at 56%, and structural integrity down to 78%... overall, not bad. We've got the hull breaches on decks eight through twelve, fifteen, and twenty-six locked down, and that's about the long and short of it," Tyler replied.

"Nurse Becket here," Came the call from medical. "Doc Tuppence is busy with patients. We've got twenty patients in, most with mild plasma burns and a few bumps and bruises. One took some pretty serious burns to his torso and legs. Doc's working on patching that up now," She explained.

"All other systems are optimal, Captain," Windsor chimed from the science station.

"Weapons on standby," Daniels called.

"That was a hell of a fight," Kelly said, laughing from her perch at the con.

Ro stood, a frown turning down the corners of her lips. "Lieutenant Howard, call our away team home and notify Starfleet about the runaway vessels. Warn them that there may be rogue ships amongst the klingon border patrol- speaking of which.. I need to tie up some loose threads before they can scurry back with their own tales to tell. Henshaw, mind the bridge. I'll be in my office so the screaming's kept to a minimum. If anything even vaguely suspicious turns up, I'm ten steps away."


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