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Take comfort in your friends

Posted on Mon Jan 23rd, 2017 @ 2:44pm by Lieutenant Hel Samedi

Mission: No Quarter
Location: The Hartman quarters
Timeline: During "Who Pulls Your Strings?"

Whydah was relaxing in her room, lounging back on her bed and reading a book. It was a trashy romance novel, she just loved those. Fudge was napping on her lap, softly purring. The two had been inseparable since the Captain gave the girl that kitten. Jon would, if asked, say that the kitten had been working wonders for Whydah's morale, though the girl herself would argue that the panic button the captain also gave her was just as important. Even if she hadn't used it, just having it with her helped her cope.

The counseling and medical sessions she had been attending were a great help, too. Group counseling for people with PTSD, personal medical checkups where the internal damage was slowly repaired, allowing her to live with less pain than before. There was even some talk about reconstructive surgery to her tongue and voice box to possibly allow her to talk again.

Then the red alert went off.

Whydah sat bolt upright on her bed, eyes wide, heart racing. Fudge startled awake as well and in a panic scrambled away, bouncing off the nearby wall. Whydah hated red alerts. Knowing that the ship was in danger, yet not knowing what was going on really didn't help her nerves. Still, she knew what she had to do. She'd discussed this with her uncle Jon often enough.

As such she gathered Fudge and made her way to the living room area. There she checked on the first aid kit, giving it a cursory examination to make sure it was compleye. Then she turned on the terminal and turned it towards the couch, before sitting down on it, comforting the kitten who was now calmed down enough.

When the doorchime rang she startled slightly again, wondering who it could be. Jon wouldn't ring the chime, he'd just come in.

"Whydah? It's Alodenabriel." sounded a muffled voice.

The girl smiled. She and Abriel had met and became friends. There was something about the plant woman's demeanor that soothed the girl, and there was something about the girl's vulnerability that brought out a nurturing, protective streak in the Officer. Abriel was quickly let inside, where the plant lady gave the girl a hug, a gesture she had learned was appropriate when wanting to comfort a friend in distress.

"Are you alright, Whydah?" Abriel asked.

The girl hesitated a moment, then nodded, scritching Fudge's chin, then resting a hand on Abriel's shoulder. With the two of them there, she knew she would be alright.

"That is good." Abriel replied with a soft smile. "Come. We should sit down. It will not be long before Jon is here."


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