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Posted on Tue Jan 24th, 2017 @ 9:08pm by Lieutenant Jeremy Stone

Mission: No Quarter
Timeline: 2 Days prior to reporting

Jeremy sighed as his thumb automatically hit the release.

“You’re not security for this base,” Mulgrew said next to him.

The brown and black missile shot out anyway, his training coinciding with his natural impulses and desires. While others might have expected the noise to continue, the dog went silent as soon as he started after the Denubrian running the other direction.

“I’m security,” Stone answered, his tone flat and direct, as if that was all there was to say regarding the matter. He wore the gold security uniform of Starfleet security as well, as if that underlined his point.

“But-“ Mulgrew said, then sighed as he began jogging after the taller human. Stone wrapped the lead over diagonally from shoulder to waist before wrapping again around his waist and fastening the clip to the loop so as to keep it out of his way but then not lose it. “Not on this base!” Mulgrew said, knowing it was a lost cause. Then he poured on speed as Stone chased after the dog.

Who chased after the Denubrian.

Who ran from the dog. The dog that was, just before chasing him, snapping its teeth and barking, slobber flying in long streams. The Denubrian didn’t like the look of joy in the dog’s eyes. He didn’t like the way he felt the large human would release the dog to attack him. It’s not like he was doing anything wrong. All that wrong. Most of his targets today were Starfleet. They didn’t need money. They got everything they needed handed to them. Including useless strips of gold pressed latinum. But Hcarth needed money. More than Starfleet people did.

They’d never miss it. Most of them didn’t even know they had anything to miss. He was that good.

But the large human spotted him. The large human confronted him. Hcarth was used to those confrontations. Starfleet security was the same. But he’d never seen one with a dog before. He didn’t even know what a ‘dog’ was, all he knew is that it was a large ball of fur with large teeth and made a lot of noise.

Until it ran.

Then it just made a lot of teeth.

Hcarth ran. But something barreled into his arm, some black and brown missile that, from what he first felt, blew his arm off. Except he still felt his hand. Only it was a large brown and black ball of fur who teeth were sunk into his arm and…worse…it landed on the four paws and while it backed up, knocking him off balance, it shook its head from side to side. Hcarth felt flesh tear, but the grip remained strong. He felt himself hitting the deck. Pain flared through his arm, but the human shouted something, sharp and edged. It wasn’t Terran.

The dog let go but remained standing where it was, dark brown eyes glaring at Hcarth, its back and hackles raised, with a low growl coming from its throat. Hcarth wasn’t sure, but he believed the dog was upset that it was told to let go and was challenging Hcarth to resume running or – worse yet – attack.

“I give up! I give up!” Hcarth yelled, trying to raise his hands into the air but finding it difficult as he was on his stomach.

“Sidi!” Jeremy said. The dog looked away, licked its muzzle and gave a low whine, but walked back to stand to the large Terran.

“I’m protesting! That’s not right! You attacked me!” the Denubrian yelled as he heard the sound of running feet. Booted feet. He risked a glance, squinting in case the dog thought this was an aggressive move. Starfleet security. Different Starfleet security.

“Arrest that man,” Stone ordered as the petty officers came up to them, phasers out and confused looks on their faces. “He will be charged with several counts of petit theft and resisting arrest.” Stone glanced to the side as Mulgrew finally caught up with them. Then, his face neutral and without any visible emotional cues, he turned back to the security officers. “He will require medical assistance.”

“You think, Lieutenant?” one said, looking at the ripped flesh of the Denubrian’s arm. “Did you let that dog attack him?”

“That dog,” Stone said, his stony exterior showing a crack as irritation suffused his voice. “Is a Starfleet security officer and apprehended this criminal. Who has spent the last hour stealing from others in the Promenade.”

“Easy, Jeremy,” Mulgrew whispered. Stone’s tetchiness regarding others misunderstanding about the nature of Sidi’s work was well known to him. However, it was also natural. Starfleet hadn’t made the military working dog program widely known. In comparison to the size of the Fleet, it was extremely rare to see such dogs out and about. The competition among those who knew about the program was high and only through rigorous testing could people be put on a list to get one.

Mulgrew had to call in a lot of favors and pull a lot of strings to get one for Jeremy. Jeremy would never accept having a ‘pet’. He would cite his ‘condition’ as the reason, but Mulgrew knew it was more the fear of losing something he cared about. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened, but it would be part of his failing memory.

“You are?” one of the officers asked. Mulgrew rolled his eyes as he sighed. This was typical. So he noticed when he visited with Jeremy and they were in a place where Jeremy wasn’t known. Because Jeremy was a security officer. Just ask him and that’s what he would tell you. “Who are you?” someone would ask.

“Lieutenant Jeremy Stone, Starfleet Security,” Stone answered the question. The way he said it almost made it sound like he had credentials in a small wallet that he would flip open to show them. He didn’t but that was always the evoked image of it.

“Hey,” the second officer said, “it’s Hcarth! You been picking pockets again Hcarth?”

“No!” Hcarth lied. Sidi growled. “Maybe a little! Just need to feed my children!”

“Yeah, how many this time?” the officer asked before activating his commbadge and requested medical personnel to report to the brig.

“You’ll need to file a report,” the petty officer said, keeping tabs on what was going on behind them, but appearing not to. Stone approved. “Are you assigned to this station?”

“No,” Stone said. “I’m assigned…” here he frowned as he glanced at the PaDD docked to his wrist. “To the Langport.” He took a breath. “I am told its not yet in port.”

The security officer shrugged. “Wouldn’t know anything about that, Lieutenant. Ops would have that information, they handle all the ship’s docking at base.”

“Of course,” Stone answered while reattaching the lead to Sidi. The dog glanced up at him, his tongue lolling. “Where are your security offices so I can file the report?”

Mulgrew sighed. He’d rather explore of the starbase, the shops on the Promenade and see how this sector of space differed from home. He really needed to write himself a huge, glowing sign that going anywhere with Stone would always lead to ‘fascinating’ tours of security offices.


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