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Peace, at last.

Posted on Sat Feb 4th, 2017 @ 5:26am by Lieutenant Merideth Tuppence M.D.

Mission: No Quarter
Location: Sickbay/Lieutenant Tuppence's quarters

"Watch that artery. The burns have it's wall pretty thin, and we do not want him bleeding from anywhere. This poor young man is quite fortunate that the plasma didn't burn any more flesh off. We might save that leg." Merideth Tuppence noted, hastily applying a spray that assisted with the healing of burns.

"I've known more than a few doctors who would've just amputated, to save time." Doctor London noted, watching his stats, and applying another dose of pain reliever. "It'd keep our use of this down, too."

"And he would lose his leg. I am not that kind of Doctor, and neither are you going to be." Tuppence retorted, with a scowl. "Trust me. There are a lot of doctors out there, who state that the cybernetic replacements are just as good. I say, they should take them out for a spin, first. They aren't particularly pleasant to live-"

Tuppence fell over, burn spray falling out of her hand, as she grabbed for the edge of the bio-bed, to steady herself.

"-with." She added, scowling. "Is it evening already? I was sure I had a few hours left of battery power on that leg."

There was a moment of silence, as several of the doctors were pondering if this was just done for dramatic effect, but Tuppence hopped backwards, and leaned against the wall. "Carry on, you lot." She said, waving dismissively. "If someone could get me a set of crutches, I'd be very grateful."

London nodded to one of the other doctors, before hastily disappearing for a few minutes, returning with a wheel chair. "Sorry, we need to replicate more of those. Many very determined Tsuge crew using them to help out as best they can."

Shrugging, and taking a seat, Tuppence nodded, and eased her way in to the chair, before removing her right leg from it's connecting spot just below her hip. "That's what I get for skipping naps." She replied, as though it didn't especially bother her. "But, as I was saying. This is not a life I would bestow on another, without doing everything in my power to prevent this."

Setting the powerless leg aside, where it wouldn't be in the way, Tuppence wheeled her way to her previous spot at the operating table.

"Where did I put that-" Tuppence began, before London handed her the aerosal she had been using before. "Thank you."

"What are his chances, doc?" One of the nurses asked.

Tuppence pointed to London. "She had worse." She noted, dismissively. "Get that dermal regenerator going on his abdomen. He's going to be fine. He's going to claim otherwise."

"Tell me about it." Doctor London replied, sourly. "Gods, there's one hell a sting going on in my right shoulder right now. This poor bastard is going to be wishing that leg was gone for the next few weeks."

"If someone could get Doctor London her medication, that would be greatly appreciated." Tuppence said, absentmindedly. "If I'm out of battery power, she should be running out of that. The diagnostics appear to confirm this."

"The diagnostics, ma'am?" The nurse asked, curiously.

"Her sour disposition, and her complaints of pain." Tuppence said, with a nod. "Oh, give her a scan if you don't believe either of us. I'm her attending. You can also just do it, and leave the blame with me."

"Of course, ma'am." One of the nurses noted. She didn't appear in an argumentative mood.

A hypo spray, and twenty minutes of careful reconstruction passed, before Tuppence pushed her wheel chair back from the operating table, groggily. She nodded to everyone present. "Well done, everyone."

"That's that." London said, nodding, as she looked down at the diagnostic read outs on the operating table's panel. "Looks like he'll be fine. Transfer him to the-"

There was the sound of soft snoring suddenly filling the Operating Room.

"-Intensive care unit." London finished.

The job was done. So was Merideth Tuppence.


London was not a particularly strong young woman, so after wheeling the sleeping doctor to her quarters, and plugging Tuppence's leg in to a charging apparatus next to her bed, London carefully prodded Tuppence's shoulder.

"Doctor Tuppence?" Sarah asked quietly.

Merideth did not stir.

"Merideth." Sarah said, louder, shaking her gently.

"Hmm?" Merideth said, stirring, and hastily trying to stand up, only to fall directly in to Sarah's arms. "What? Where am I? What-" Merideth looked down, noting her leg. "Oh. Right. That."

"Easy." Sarah said, holding her up, with a noticeable strain. "Could you-" She inclined her head towards Merideth's bed.

"Hmm?" Merideth asked, before noting the obvious strain on Sarah's face. "Oh. Sure." She added, grabbing the bed frame, to steady herself, before sitting down on the edge.

Exhaustion still being evident in Merideth Tuppence, she fell over, on to the bed, and was almost instantly asleep.

Gently rearranging the sleeping form in to a position that wasn't going to greatly regret having fallen asleep in such a position, Sarah shook her head. "We're going to have to work on your self care, Merideth." Sarah noted, wrapping Merideth up in blankets.

She did not receive an answer.

"Lights off." Sarah noted, folding up the wheel chair, and leaving Tuppence alone, in her quarters.

Her reward for her efforts was the soft snoring that soon filled the room.


Lieutenant Merideth Tuppenzzzzzzz
Chief Medical Officer


Acting Ensign Sarah London
Acting Medical Officer


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