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The Base

Posted on Wed Feb 8th, 2017 @ 1:37am by Lieutenant Commander Brenan Stowe

Mission: No Quarter
Location: Planetside - Alley Ways

Brenan stayed close to the men the entire route through twisting hallways and back corridors. It became harder and harder as the crowds started to then, until he finally climbed up a series of lean tos and started following from above. They reached the warehouse district and made their way into a large factory that looked like at one point it had been used to build star ships and shuttles. He didn't remember reading about any recent shipmaking on this planet, so it had to be old. Taking one last leap across an alley he found himself on the roof of the old building.

Ahead, a small bank of windows for sunlight allowed him to peak in and see what was going on on the warehouse floor below. Dozens of men rushed to fighters while others took seats at banks of computers and terminals. Before long, the place lit up like a madhouse of activity. Fighters launched from the old build bays, tearing into the sky, and from the canyon below a flurry of the thin, black drones that they'd seen in the videos from the Tsuge raced toward space. If nothing else was certain, today, Brenan had finally tracked down the base that these bastards were operating from.

He pulled the small power cell dangling from his belt off and twisted the bottom until a small, flat disk fell into his hand. He dropped it on the corner of the overhang over the windows and tapped it once. A small blue light blinked three times, and then went dormant again. The mark was in place. Now all that was left to do was notify Starfleet Command that it was here.

Satisfied, Brenan made his way back down to street level, carefully hopping from overhang to overhang until he could finally jump to the ground. He dusted himself off and straightened his shirt, then started to walk.

"Hey... what the hell are you doing here?" Brenan turned back around to see one of the men who'd been at the card table staring at him angrily, a hand rested on the butt of his holstered disruptor.

"What do you mean?" Brenan asked, casually.

"You were at the bar," The man replied, flatly. "Now you're here. You wanna tell me why?"

"Bar?" Brenan asked, calmly. "Sorry, but you've got me confused for someone else. I don't drink. Have a good day, bud," He said, waving politely and turning away. He stopped, two steps later, as the high pitched whine of a disruptor powering up filled his ears. Slowly, he turned back around and smiled nicely, "On second thought, I haven't had any enticing conversation lately... We could chat for a few, I guess." He offered.

"Who you workin' for?" The man gruffed.

"Look, pal, You've got the wrong guy. I wasn't at any bar tonight," He said, again. "If I was, do you think I'd be sober right now? C'mon."

"Stop bullshittin' me, or I'll put a bolt in you just on principle," The other man threatened.

"You have principles?" Brenan asked, then quickly waved that off, "Never mind, look I'm a member of the Pirates Guild, chapter 349.0, Inspections Division. I've been sent to inspect your pirate lair to ensure that it's up to Pirate Guild specs. I gotta say, you're severely lacking in prisoner cages and torture rooms, pal. You're probably going to get a fine for not being up to spec on those things," Brenan said, matter-of-factly.

"I... we... what?" The man said, lowering the disruptor a bit.

"Yeah," Brenan said authoritatively, walking over toward him to point down the alley way, "If you look down that way, you won't see me punch you really hard," He said, conversationally.

Unfortunately for the burly man next to him, the words came through to his brain just a moment after he complied and looked down the alley way. Brenan hit him firmly on the back of the head, sending him sprawling and the disruptor clattering away. Brenan scooped it up and fired into the man's back as he tried to get up and draw a small hold-out phaser.

Acting quickly, Brenan shoved the man's body over a nearby ledge and ran, tossing the disruptor down after him. He saw no evidence that he had been heard - by some miracle - but he wasn't taking any chances, so he bolted off back toward the bar.

Once he was satisfied that he'd avoided any nearby pirates, he pulled his commscanner out of his pocket and brought it up to his mouth, "Locate Lieutenant Sullivan," He said. There was a moment of silence before the little device gave him directions to Sullivan. "Give current status: Tate Sullivan."

"Current status: Duress. Elevated heart rate. Heightened adrenaline in blood stream. Suggests extreme stress levels."

Brenan's eyes widened at that. He should have known better than to leave her alone, but had to be the choice that was made. Jamming the scanner back in his pocket, he took off running at breakneck speed to where the scanner said she was. He only hoped he was there in time.


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