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Healthy as a.. Man and Dog

Posted on Fri Feb 24th, 2017 @ 1:07am by Lieutenant JG Elizabeth 'El' Souda & Lieutenant Jeremy Stone

Mission: Shoreleave One: SB109
Location: Medical

Jeremy exited the turbolift with Sidi just ahead of him. The dog seemed to be sniffing everywhere, and by now he was finally aware of the reason. The dog was trained for contraband detection, which, in more exact terms meant illicit substances. Apparently, as he'd discovered, this ship was previously lousy with contraband. Which Sidi was reacting to.

It didn't take long for him to enter into the medical suite. He walked directly to a biobed and patted it, giving Sidi the signal to jump up onto it. Then, looking around the room. "I require medical assistance," he said, only barely raising his voice.

The sickbay was full of motion: patients being beamed out- presumably to the station- and there were nurses and doctors moving around constantly because of it. The dog, however, drew attention, which sparked one person heading to another and a young blonde woman being pointed in Stone's direction. She tapped at her ear then made her way over, swiping a PaDD from a nurse's station on the way.

"Can I help you?" she asked, looking from Sidi to Stone.

Stone looked the woman over, giving her what would be a cursory glance, but it was also drawing in what he could about her. He fingered the red ribbon tied tightly around his pinky as he spoke. "The Captain said I needed to get clearance from medical to continue my assignment on this vessel."

Souda raised an eyebrow at that. "Was there something that she was concerned about or do you mean you need to complete your physical?"

Stone held his breath for a moment while he stared at the biobed. "She was concerned that I..." his brow furrowed for several moments before he glanced at his PaDD. "She wanted me to 'pass muster'. But regulations state that every personnel reporting to a new assignment must report to medical for physical assessment as well as quantum scan to be logged into the ship/starbase/planetary base/colony/department's computer system for quantum comparison as needed."

El's other brow raised. "Okay.." She began, motioning to the biobed where Sidi was. "Normally I'd have you up here.."

Stone glanced from her to Sidi then shook his head. "He appears to want to go first. Though, I believe he's generally healthy enough. He does get curious about the tricorder, however."

What the hell, El thought to herself. She wasn't a vert, but she'd dealt with all kinds of odd aliens. A dog was just another adventure. "Does he have a folder for medical records?" she asked, letting Sidi sniff her tricorder.

Jeremy tried twisting the ribbon around his finger, the way some people might a wedding band, but it was too tight to move about. It didn't stop him from trying. And frowning. "He's had medical checkups before. Shouldn't he have a file?" He raised his wrist to look at his PaDD. "He's current on all his immunizations, he eats all his allowed nutritional supplements plus the treats he receives and..." Jeremy sighed as if annoyed, "...and the treats and other bits of food others give him because he has 'big, cute eyes'. I don't understand why that requires additional food but people give it to him because of it. His bowel movements are on schedule and his urine was on the dark side when we arrived at the station but I've increased his liquid intake to adjust. His nose is wet and cold."

"I'll have to look and see what I can find in a moment. He seems to be very fit though aside from a little tarter. I can research what kind of treat will help with that and either supplement it or trade it out for his current treats." El went to look at the PaDD to get that information, then paused and turned to Stone. "It'd be helpful, though, if you told me who you were."

"I didn't tell you my name?" Jeremy asked, frowning. He took a moment, his eyes blank before shaking his head. 'I'm Lieutenant Jeremy Stone. This is Sidious MWD7223. If you needed it, I do have a sample of his fecal matter for analysis."

"The scans... are enough for now.." the doctor said with a slight shake of her head. She took to going through the info in her PaDD for a moment, fishing up first Stone's file then the attached file for Sidious. Everything seemed to be in good order. "If you could have him hop down, please. It's your turn now."

With just a short, spoken word, Sidi hopped off the bed and sat on the floor. Jeremy looked at the bed, scowling. He wanted to ask if he needed to actually be on the bed, but a glance at his PaDD caused him to sigh as he sat on it...on the very edge of it. "I am physically well," he stated. "Though the captain said I had to "pass muster" which I take from context does not refer to a morning military gathering of units and squads."

Taking the lengthy list of what was spelled out on Stone's file in stride, El began her scans, speaking as she did so. "I don't know if you've noticed, but the captain isn't that familiar with Earth colloquialisms. She tries hard, but she's not quite there yet. What do you think she meant by passing muster?"

Trying to twist the ribbon again, Stone shook his head as he frowned. "I had hoped you would know?" he answered keeping his gaze on the bit of ribbon. "She seemed confident that you would understand the instructions. As well as the counselor, as well as the executive officer."

"Try not to stress out about it too much. I'm sure she meant something along the lines of 'so long as you're healthy enough to do your duties." Noting the fidgeting, she nodded to his hand. "What's the ribbon for?"

Jeremy glanced up but only briefly. "The Captain told me that I had to tie a ribbon around my pinky to..." he frowned as he again glanced at his PaDD. "'To give me pause'," he read.

The doctor didn't really understand it, though she nodded. "Okay.. I'm going to ask you a few questions. Do you have any concerns today with your health? Aches? Pains?"

Stone frowned as he seemed to think about it. Then, almost reluctantly, he put his hands together. "My finger hurts." It was almost a whisper, as if he didn't want to admit to it.

The corners of El's mouth turned up just a bit. "I think it'd be perfectly fine to loosen that ribbon up a little bit. Would you like me to help with it?"

Stone frowned as he looked at it. "What if I lose it? I cannot be disobeying orders from the Captain on my first day."

"We won't loosen it that much. If it stays too tight, you'll swell and chafe skin off. Loosen it just a little and the curve of your finger will keep it in place just like it does a ring." The utter seriousness of the man's disposition was intriguing. El had a brother that was always earnest- ever vigilant, but even he wasn't as intense. Serious, yes. Duty-bound, yes. But then, he carried the weight of expectations that were far greater than he should from a very young age.

Still frowning, Stone looked up, nearly at the doctor but just to the right of her earlobe. "Could you..." he stopped, his frown intensifying. "Could you microderm it to my finger? The Captain told me to tie a ribbon around my finger..." he trailed off as he seemed to think, then looked back up and to the right. "If if kept a knot in it, it would still be tied but the microderm would keep me from losing it and forgetting to follow her orders."

Before she could stop it, El's eyebrows raised. "I think I might have another idea. If I take a marker and draw it on, then put a thin patch of derma skin on it, you'd see it without needing a graft later. It'd be easy as can be to touch it up every few weeks."

Stone shook his head, "She specifically said a ribbon." He sighed. "However it seems medical advice must be considered. I guess I could work on not losing it until such a time as I can confirm if the Captain will accept your alternative?"

"Sure. Just let me know," El chirped back. "Well, you're physically fit as can be. I'll log my findings to the CMO for when she's back from her vacation, and copy the captain."

"Then I have 'passed muster'?" he asked, still confused as to what that was. The doctor did not seem to do anything that any other doctor had done. But he was off the bed as he spoke, taking two steps away from it. "I will resume following regulations and Captain's orders to pass other muster." With Sidi at his side he started walking away before stopping at the door. Glancing at his PaDD he spoke, again as if reciting, "Thank you for your assistance."

"You're welcome," the blonde sighed. He was a strange one, she thought, but then there were stranger folks on the Langport..


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