Welcome to the Memory Core

The following is a collection of data compiled by the ship's computer to aid you in adjusting to life aboard the Langport.Please feel free browse at your leisure. Perhaps request light music to simultaneously relax and stimulate the cerebral cortex? A nice Handel suite should suffice..

Rules and Regulations
-Langport's Disciplinary Action Plan
-Langport's House Rules
-Pegasus Fleet Rules
-Starfleet General Orders

Department Handbooks
-Aerospace Handbook
-Counseling Handbook
-Engineer's Handbook
-Flight Control Handbook
-Medical Handbook
-Operations Handbook
-Science Handbook
-Security Handbook
-Starfleet Marines Handbook

Places Around Ship
-Bay 11
-Green Market
-London Square Shoppes
-Tip Top Enlisted Lounge

Stellar Cartography
-Astronomical Classifications
-Destinations Visited

Links and Aides
-Build A Better Character
-Helpful Trek Links
-Medicine in Trek
-Post Fodder
-Posting: A How To
-Tips For Being A Better Writer