Operations Handbook

Created by Captain Rohana O'Touvelli on Wed Nov 28th, 2012 @ 2:32pm

Everything from flying the ship to sensor technicians, communications, deck chiefs and yeomans all belong to the prestigious operations department. If engineering is the muscle and bone of a ship, then operations are the blood, brains and nervous system. They have their fingers in every system, their code dancing through every terminal. Without their direction the fantastic machines put out by Federation shipyards would be nothing more than a flotilla of unresponsive paperweights. They are the merchants of information- both incoming and outgoing- in regards to every single facet of the ship and its workings.

General Duties

*Create and implement all software for the ship including departmental specific
*Coordinates with all departments to efficiently manage ship resources, software and schedules
*Acts as internal management administrators shipwide
*Coordinate with engineering to maintain the ship
*Coordinate with science in regards to navigation and sensor information
*Handle all large scale replication, ship stores, ship storage and consumables
*Generate mounds upon mounds of data and reports
*Managing transporters


*Technician (all departments)
*Programming (all departments)
*Logistics & Analysis (system auditors, supply, communications, cryptography, planning)
*Processing (replication, waste management, cargo, janitorial)
*Administrative (chief of boat, yeoman, personnel, requisitions)


*On smaller ships operations can encompass engineering as well to become Shipworks with its ranking officers acting as specialists.
*With such a limited amount of room aboard a starship every millimeter has to be used and used correctly. A simple misjudgment in rations or a fraction of an inch difference in course plotting could kill the entire ship compliment. *The ship SX is stocked and maintained by Operations.

Uniform Color: Gold