Security Handbook

Created by Captain Rohana O'Touvelli on Wed Nov 28th, 2012 @ 2:42pm

Security is responsible for maintaining the safety of the crew and assets aboard a posting at any cost- often times even their lives. For as civilized as polished as the Federation can attempt to become there's no guarantee that every race met will be just as sociable or every planet just as safe. In an imperfect, dangerous universe, security is as close as some ever come to having justice or shelter.

Though it may seem fairly self-explanatory to say that security is responsible for the security of the ship, they do much more than that. They are advisors keen on interpretation, investigators and bodyguards. They are teachers and monitors and ship defense forces. In short they aren't merely security, they are the authority on security when it comes to anything with Fleet interest stamped on its sheet.

General Duties

*Maintain, stock, man and be responsible for all weapons lockers, training centers and the armory.
*Investigate and process any crimes
*Escort landing parties or individuals as needed
*Intervening in all situations labeled as a threat to the crew or the ship
*Monitor and scan all private ship information feeds including visual feeds of private areas
*Short of the senior officers a security officer's word is law on ship
*Off and on ship tactical coordinator
*Trainer in courses regarding ship security functions, self defense, ship defense, alien biology in relation to attack or defense, etc


*Internal Security
*Forensic Investigator

Uniform Color: Gold