Marine Handbook

Created by Captain Rohana O'Touvelli on Wed Nov 28th, 2012 @ 2:44pm

A captain doesn't call out the marines for anything short of a hostile situation. They aren't the peacekeepers that security is meant to be. They're there to threaten, to destroy and to rebuild. Bring them into play is often times the only threat needed to secure a situation, but should that not be enough they're more then prepared to kick the action up a notch and let loose all forms of hell.

General Duties

*Support Security on ship
*Boarding and Repelling Boarding
*Secure and hold hostile environs on away missions
*Ground SERE
*Reinforcing structures for combat areas
*Engage enemies
*Protect embassies
*Escort ambassadors on planet
*Humanitarian Relief Efforts
*Atmospheric Air Support


*Ship Support (Adjutant, Military Police, Drill Instructor)
*Infantry (Artillery, Sniper, Spotter, Reconnaissance, Scout, Rifleman)
*Field Support (Meteorologist, Field Support, Intel, Communications Officer, Data Specialist, Logistics, Ordnance, Combat Medic, CBRN, HAZMAT)
*Engineer (Equipment Engineer, Combat Engineer, Structural Engineer, Small Arms Repair)
*Crew Served Weapons Specialist (Gunner, Driver, Commander)
*EOD (Ordinance Disposal, Demolitions, Sapper,Breacher)
*Avionics (Scorpion Pilot, Weathermen, Aeronautical Engineer)


Marines do not attend Starfleet Academy. They go through their own special training courses which then splits again into specialty schools once their initial training is over. This can last anywhere from two to four years and may require upkeep courses and training every few years. In order to become an officer, a marine must have at least a bachelor's degree. If this degree is attained after they have joined the marines and they move to command track, this counts as a full job change which effects ranks, placement and job title. It also requires additional training.

Marines follow the orders of their marine CO who coordinates as well as answers to the ship CO that they serve on. Their rules, laws and punishments are different from those that Starfleet Officers answer to. That doesn't mean that a marine won't be thrown in a ship brig for misconduct while aboard a ship, it simply means that they more than likely will face a punishment twice if their marine CO feels it necessary.

A marines aviation wing is meant for in atmosphere combat and delivery only. It is not meant for space combat.