Pegasus Fleet Rules

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Disallowed Characters Policy

Whilst Pegasus Fleet recognizes and welcomes a wide array of variety in the characters that are included within, there are some races within the Star Trek universe that are simply too powerful, or would have no place In-Character on a sim within the fleet. As such, the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty enacts the following list of characters and races which are disallowed from sims in the fleet, effective on the date this policy is passed:

No form of shapeshifter (Changelings, Chameloids, 8472...)
No Borg, unless free from the collective.
No Androids , Augments or mobile emitter-equipped Holograms.
No Q, half-Q, Q in human form, etc
No races from the Delta Quadrant.
No races from "ST:Enterprise" that may have been erased as a result of the "Time War" (Xindi, Suliban, etc)
No races from the opposing side of recent wars or of a hostile nature to Starfleet without permission from the ship’s TFCO.
No characters with physical or mental powers beyond those shown by major characters on the shows/movies (Excluding other disallowed races)
No characters from official sources, or their relations.
Players may not be members of Section 31 or similar organizations.

Rights and Responsibilities of Players

1.) All players have the right to have an unresolved dispute mediated and resolved by a member of the Judge Advocate General's office.
2.) All players have the right to have the Laws of the Fleet applied to them in a fair and even manner, no differently than any other player in the fleet.
3.) All players have the responsibility to follow the chain of command; questions surrounding the interpretation of rules or any proposals to introduce new aspects to PF canon should be addressed to the next level in the chain of command from the position in which they occupy, and through that level to the next level and so forth. The chain of Command is outlined in Article II, Section 1.
4.) All players shall leave the determination of the rank of their character to their simulation Commanding Officer so as to ensure an equitable ranking system across the fleet. A player shall not have the rank of their character lowered when transferring from one PF sim to another without the consent of the player or for just cause. A player reviving a former PF character shall be subject to the same restrictions as a new character and the rank shall be determined by the CO with that in mind.
5.) All players shall post to any sim in which they are a member at least once every two weeks unless they are on a leave of absence or the sim CO has determined otherwise on a ship-wide or personal basis. Posting requirements different than these must be clearly posted on the ship's website.
6.) All players will respect the role of a sim CO and shall not start new missions or significantly alter the plot of the sim without the permission or direction of the CO. All players will recognise the restraints of Star Trek and PF canon and will not create unusual and abnormal classes of ships, types of weapons and alien creatures without the approval of the PFA.
7.) A player in PF is allowed to be an active member of no more than 5 sims across PF. At the discretion of the CO, a player may control or 'own' secondary characters or "PNPCs" on the sim, but the player must designate which is his primary character for the purposes of promotions, awards, and sim reports. PNPCs are not to be included in the sim's IFS manifest, and are not to be included in the CO's monthly report. A player may only have one primary character on each sim they are on.
8.) All players will show respect for the characters of other players and shall not use them in a fashion that would not be condoned by or has not been approved by the player owning the character in question.
9.) All players who wish to resign their character or position will do so by informing their commanding officer. They will not announce their resignation by posting to a public forum such as the sim mailing list, the PF COs list, the PF Forums, and so on.
10.) All players will try to resolve any disputes with other players in a respectful manner and will try to resolve them first with the other player and then with the next person in the chain of command before taking action with higher levels of the chain of command or with the office of the Judge Advocate General. The exception to this is if they have been disciplined or are about to be disciplined, in which case they may apply directly to the JAG Office for Court-Martial.
11.) All players will refrain from starting petitions or spamming mailing lists or other means of communication in order to advance their position on a particular issue. In order to make things manageable for those players who volunteer their time to help run the fleet, all concerns and proposals should be directed through the chain of command.
12.) All players shall agree to the terms of the Pegasus Fleet Constitution and as such shall play in any Pegasus Fleet sims within the restrictions laid out in this document and shall also enjoy the rights laid out in this document.

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