Post Fodder

Created by Captain Rohana O'Touvelli on Sun Mar 13th, 2016 @ 1:25am

1) The turbolift has lost power and you're stuck within. For extra fun, get yourself stuck with someone else and watch the odd conversations start.

2) Sign up for inter-departmental training.

3) Find a small creatures and declare him/her the mascot of your department.

4) Challenge another department to a sports competition (remember this is pre-holodeck, so you have to get creative).

5) Write a letter home.

6) Get a letter from home.

7) Have a relative die and you become the lone caretaker of a child.

8) Departmental safety drill.

9) Check up on NPCs in your department. Have one have a really interesting problem.

10) It's your birthday/anniversary/child's birthday/anniversary of your parent's death, etc.

11) An NPC in your department gets hurt and you have to take them to sickbay.

12) Teach an class or host an entertainment night in the ship's common area.

13) Create a love interest.

14) A strange glitch in the computer's programming starts referring to you by the wrong name/some amusing nickname. Find out why.

15) Write out a memory or dream.

16) Think about home.

17) Perform a religious practice or observation from your home planet/religion.

18) Find a rat in your bunk.

19) Equipment malfunctions.

20) The sonic shower in the men's gang bathroom is unreasonably high, making it too 'cold'.

21) Congrats! You're a dad! Oh, you didn't know..

22) A random strange race met on shoreleave has designated you a religious figure.

23) The holidays are here. How do you take it? Celebrate?

24) A crewman is dead. Was it murder? Are you accused?

25) Host a training session.

26) Check in on your fellow players IC.

27) Have a dinner party.

28) Suddenly develop an inability to speak, write, remember your name, can only write backwards, can't walk, etc. Let's explain it in game.

29) Discover that you have a doppleganger.

30) Develop a crush on a forbidden love.

31) Have a long conversation with that one weird guy in your department that names his hyperspanner and toasts his lunch with a plasma torch.

32) Visiting dignitary of alien race X decides that you're coming home with them.

33) The captain's parrot won't rest until you're dead.

34) Time for the psych eval/physical!

35) 'Watch me do this' has turned into a trip to medical.

36) Movie marathon night in the mess hall.

37) Develop an allergy/aversion.

38) Things keep disappearing from your room/work station.

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