Posting: A How To

Created by Captain Rohana O'Touvelli on Sun Mar 13th, 2016 @ 1:27am

Lots of games have a lengthy list on how to construct a proper post. Ptttwwwwwwww.. Here's how to create the post that gets across what you want it to.

Character Drop Down

In Nova you'll need to choose your character and the other character from the drop down. If one of those characters is an NPC, choose the character associated with the player the most.


This is the first thing that anyone sees when they get an email from you. I've had players use it to tell you what the post is about..

Example: Why angry redheads and ferengi slavers don't mix.

Or decide to be a bit more whimsical..

Example: On a Tuesday. In the rain. No umbrella.
It really doesn't matter so long as you aren't vulgar.

Time & Location Stamps

While these aren't mandatory, they really help your reader understand what's going on and when it's going on. Say you have a character who's in a raging inferno and is calling for help. It makes a big difference if it was three months ago and she's remembering this, if it's in engineering on the starship, or if poor Mary is on the planet and the away team has beamed away, leaving her with no one to help her.

A typical time/location stamp starts off the looks like this:

Location: Engineering, USS Kingdom or Dean's Office, Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth Timeline: 2300 hrs or 'Directly after the post Grand Assumptions' or -22 hours to lift off

If you change time or location mid-post, you might want to throw in a tag mid way with information in it such as:

Example: [[two hours later]] or [[Appleby's Quarters, 0940 hrs]]


This is the actual body of your post. If you have a post that may have objectionable material and you haven't talked to the XO or CO, please do. After you get the thumbs up, put a warning at the top of the body, followed by 12 hard returns before you start. It looks like this:

[[Warning: character death, gore]]

Simple, huh? And please, remember our rating. Otherwise your post is your domain.So long as it is at least three paragraphs long (there really isn't a too long. Typically cut a pot in half if you look at it and say 'dear lord it's a volume').

Tagging Posts

If you are directly tagging another character, after the body of your post throw up one of these.

Example: [tag security] or [tag Aphra hahaha let's set things on fire!]


Please remember to sign off on your posts, especially if you're writing as an NPC. A typical signature looks like this:

Captain Leeroy Addison
Marine CO, USS Jensen
Ensign Madisen Ackley (NPC Leeroy Addison)

Do You Really Want To Post

You'll get a pop up message asking if you really want to post your mission post. It can be a little jarring because it's reminiscent of a 'oh dear lord are you ready to risk this being eaten by the internet' pop up box. Copy your post before you send. When it shows up in your email, be relieved. But yes: Nova eats posts. Be prepared.
And that- in a nutshell- is how to make a post.

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