Tips For Being A Better Writer

Created by Captain Rohana O'Touvelli on Sun Mar 13th, 2016 @ 1:30am

1.) Read up first. Read the posts that come ahead and make sure that you understand them so you can present a consistent flow.

2.) Reread what you wrote. If need be, read it out loud to make sure that it comes off the way that you want it to.

3.) Don't sweat the technical aspect. Nearly everything in Trek is made up anyhow, so don't feel bad about making up strange tools, diseases or drugs. If you want authenticity using old tech, put the internet to work for you.

4.) Don't edit your first draft. Get all of your ideas out in one take, then go back and revise before posting.

5.) Use tools. Spellcheck is great once you have it trained to ignore trek words. A good thesaurus will stop you from saying house the same way in seven different sentences. House, home, abode, sanctuary, dwelling, digs, residence.

6.) Learn from reading the posts of the other writers in the sim. If they do it in a way that you like and you feel comfortable with it, use that habit. Just don't plagiarize.

7.) Find your own style. If every post starts off with a paragraph description of the setting, embrace it.

8.) Question your character's motivations. answer them in your work.

9.) Avoid bubble tags except for 'sound clips' from other players. Bubble tags generally tell other players that their actions are inconsequential and will not change yours.

10.) Have your character be engaged. Even if they're only observing, show that they are invested.

11.) SHOW the reader what happens, don't make them jump to conclusions in their mind because the content is missing. Even cliff hangers leave you with a proposed action.

12.) Use emotion. Even Vulcans show emotion, they feel intensely deep, but every iota is reserved and precious. If your character witnesses another character die, use it. If a character is missing home, use it. Personify them like an actor would taking on a role and use it.

13.) Talk to others if you're stuck. Don't decide to simply not write or say that you don't write well enough. If you're trying, it's something, and we'll all help.

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