Engineer's Handbook

Created by Captain Rohana O'Touvelli on Wed Nov 28th, 2012 @ 2:21pm

Engineering Department

If the Fleet's job is to protect and explore the universe, then Engineers are the how and why the rest of the Fleet gets there. They are the monkey wrenches tasked with monitoring and maintaining both starship, the ships on their ship and anything else that crosses their paths. They often do most of the "grunt work" that is involved in keeping a ship or space station up and running from stem to stern.

With so much of modern technology distancing man and machine by data streams, they bridge the gap by bringing tools and materials into play. They patch up, tear down, strip, rework, crawl, dig and replace every blessed inch of a ship on any given day.

General Duties

*Explore xenotechnology, metallurgy, etc. with Science
*Repairing/rebuilding medical grade technology for use by Sickbay
*Coordinate with Operations to keep the ship in working order
*Fortify and maintain ship structure both internally and externally
*Maintain/replace all hardware for the ship including engines, systems, crew weaponry, etc
*General maintenance and monkey-wrenchery

    *Medical (biomedical, genetic, prosthetics, viruology)
    *Electrical (communication, control, network, power, signal processing)
    *Civil (architectural, geological, maintenance, mining, sanitation)
    *Systems (communications, computer, damage control, impulse, warp)
    *Fabrication (material, matter/energy)
    *Mechanical (aeronautical, astronautical, avionics, mechatronics, micro electro-mechanical [MEMS], orbital, shuttlecraft, starship, structural/environmental)
    *Research & Development
    *Design Engineer
    *Transportation (shuttle bay, transporters)

    *On smaller vessels the department is merged with operations in order to facilitate a smaller crew compliment. In that case more varied jacks of the trade are recruited rather than specialists for every system or design. Engineering departments can be found on everything from midsize to large ships and even hold vast chunks of the operational space aboard ports, stations and larger outposts.

    Uniform Color: Yellow